Hi Alexia Rev! Great to speak with you today!

You are getting ready to release new music! Will you tell us about the song? 

This track was inspired by my experience of moving to 
LA from NY. I knew no-one in LA and I had moved to LA to pursue music but I also moved during the height of the pandemic, so I felt incredibly isolated. I would walk on Melrose and see groups of friends having brunch, and I felt utterly alone. I also felt like my career was on hold since sessions were being cancelled due to the pandemic and I was so hungry to work. In the end of the day, my inspiration was purely emotional and I just felt incredibly lost and raw. This song is a shift from my more upbeat songs, and it shows the side of me that no-one has seen before. It marks a shift in my songwriting style, in the sense that I want to be more open and vulnerable with my audience. I also think it talks about the importance of learning how to be by yourself and self reflection. It is not only “poor me” but I grew a lot from taking that time away from people. 

What has been one of the moments of your career that stands out to you?

Performing my first show in LA was a huge shift in my career. I had been questioning if I just wanted to be a songwriter and not be an artist but performing on stage completely shifted that doubt. I realized how much I love being on stage, and it feels completely euphoric to me. 

Do you have any specific goals or aspirations for your music/work in the new year? 

YES! I am planning on releasing 5 songs, and then I will be releasing an EP. So there is a lot of new music coming out, which will really solidify the artist I want to be. I am taking risks in terms of production elements etc and I have been really focusing on creating meaningful lyrics instead of solely focusing on melodic elements that sound “cool”. I want to paint the whole picture in a song and I feel like my past work was solely dabbling in my ability as a songwriter and artist. So, this is a transformative period for me. 

If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

King Princess because she has been such an inspiration, and I do think our styles of music would really mesh well for the audience. I am manifesting this!!

What are some recent victories in your career that you are celebrating? 

So, I think my songwriting abilities have really grown. For me, self-growth is the ultimate victory. I really have been working on my craft, and I feel like I am just creating incredible music that feels effortless. I am gaining more recognition as an artist and meeting incredible people who believe in me, so I think my dedication to my craft has shown. 

What significance/ role do you feel music plays in culture? 

I think it plays a major role in every culture. I am Jewish, and growing up my dad would sing his prayers and there is a reason we do not pray by speaking, we pray by singing. It is said that music enhances the prayer and adds beauty to the words. In terms of religion, each religion has a different set of rituals but all of them connect with music. I think it’s the connecting factor to our differences, and through music we can learn about different cultures.  In the end, the arts surpass borders. 

Any upcoming projects you want us to know about? 

Yes! I have a lot of new music coming out, which I will announce soon after LA LONELY drops. I am performing around LA, so be sure to check my instagram for updates. 

Please let everyone know where to keep up with you!

I am on all streaming services: Alexia Rev

Instagram: @itsalexiarev

TikTok: @itsalexiamusic 

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com 

End of Interview