It’s often a cliché to say that someone lives and breathes music or that such a vocation is threaded into their DNA. It isn’t a tired phrase, however, when you apply it to Julian Feifel. The career of this producer, musician, and songwriter is the story of one of modern music’s most unique journeys and testifies to his abiding love for the creative act. A multi-platinum award winning force in popular music today, Feifel isn’t bound by tawdry concerns about genre or audience appeal. He goes where the talent is and enhances every project with his keen and intelligent presence.


His production and songwriting work on German/Israeli artist Gil Ofarim’s album Here I Am have netted the gifted young musician seven Gold and Platinum awards spanning the globe. His production talents likewise steered Albanian vocalist Alban Skenderaj toward two #1 hits with the songs “Dhurata” and “Une Dhe Ti”. He’s been a force in the music scene of this often-neglected nation producing a #1 hit single as well for Albanian singer Miriam Cani.

He’s made an impact on other European-based acts as well. His work with the female pop group No Angels included writing the song “Faith Can Move a Mountain” for their album Elle’ments. No Angels are the most successful and highest-selling girl band of this young century in Continental Europe with three #1 albums, four #1 hits, and over five million records sold in that timeframe. Feifel has played a critical role in their success. He did not stop with them, however, as his work with Swiss girl band T.E.A.R.S on their album En Rouge help propel it to a #8 slot on the Swiss charts and achieved Gold status as well.

The United States music scene has felt his impact as well. In 2013, Feifel served on Toby Gad’s production team for The X Factor USA 2013 television show, a Simon Cowell creation. He’s collaborated with other luminaries such as Lexy Panterra, Alec Joseph, Simon Phillips, and Malik Yusef in recent years. His collaboration with Mexican singer/songwriter Sofia Reyes, including production and co-writing three tracks, secured the young prodigy a #8 position on the US Billboard Latin Pop chart for her album Louder.

Feifel has earned respect, as well, working alongside several legends. Former Cream bassist, vocalist, and songwriter extraordinaire Jack Bruce benefitted from his talents as well as longtime Jethro Tull frontman and solo artist Ian Anderson. He’s collaborated with a who’s who such as Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord, Howard Jones,

The Animals frontman and solo giant Eric Burdon, singer Alannah Myles, and Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees, among many others. His life in music has carried him far and wide in pursuit of its rewards and he shows no signs of slowing down, let alone stopping. It’s passion and skill, in equal parts, that have made him such a valued part of these artist’s presentations and we can expect he will continue expanding on his outstanding track record in the years to come. 

Garth Thomas