Though it’s come at the tail end of Summer, Joseph Maresca’s latest single was tailor made for the season. “Mighty Mighty South Beach” is as much fun as one would hope for, and then some. Maresca, who is a performer/composer himself, enlisted a squadron of talent to record, “Mighty Mighty South Beach.” The result is rather outstanding, as Maresca and company capture both nostalgia and modern vibes on the track. Though it might be geographically specific, this is the type of song that fits on any beach or pool party in the world.

Reportedly, this is Joseph Maresca’s  first effort since taking an extended break from recording. It seems as though the break served to revitalize and refocus Maresca. He recruited King Marino to handle the verses and Unna To, to take care of the chorus. The aforementioned give the track a decidedly tropical feel, enhancing the song’s authenticity. I’ll stop just short of saying “Mighty Mighty South Beach” is a visual piece, but it’s certainly a vibrational one.

“Mighty Mighty South Beach” grows more irresistible with each passing second. It’s a simple presentation, without many bells and whistles. In fact, a guitar is actually the driving instrument, making the song even more of an anomaly amongst its peers. I found myself repeating the chorus long after I stopped listening and you likely will as well. Infectious would be an appropriate word to describe the appeal and sustain of “Mighty Mighty South Beach.”

King Marino brings an old school style and delivery, harkening back to the embryonic stages of Hip Hop. Lyrically, there are a few cringe moments, such as don’t get mad/don’t get sad/cause just like the Mailman/I’m your Dad. It’s the confidence and authoritarianism that Marino brings to the track that gives it a distinctive feel. His chemistry with Unna To is undeniable as well. King Marino’s vocal performance goes a long way in making this track a success in terms of quality.

As for Unna To, they provide a consistent and driving backdrop to “Mighty Mighty South Beach.” It’s their portion of the song that is likely to get stuck in your head. Even when the girls sing the line, all the girls at your reach, it comes across as more ironic than exploitative. The chorus is the cornerstone of this track, and you could even go a step further and say it defines the entire song. Much of the credit goes to Unna To for making “Mighty Mighty South Beach,” instantly memorable.

By all accounts, this has to be considered a successful comeback for Joseph Maresca. Assessing “Mighty Mighty South Beach,” for exactly what it is; is key to enjoying it. This music is solely and strictly for fun, and what a good time it is. Maresca has shown fine aptitude as a producer as well, so it remains to be seen where he goes from here. Based on his latest single, life seems to truly be a beach for Joseph Maresca.

Garth Thomas