“Our world is unimaginably complex and beautiful,” writes Dr. Stan Rose, in his new book titled Can’t Tame a Mongoose: Memoir of a Genomics Entrepreneur. “In biological systems this complexity reveals itself in its near-infinite variation in living organisms and the continual creation of unpredictable new variants. Similarly, every business is unique, every interaction between two companies idiosyncratic. Situations occur routinely that no one could have anticipated. If a fundamental truth exists, it is that much about life remains unknown and the future is difficult to predict. It’s thus beneficial to have a healthy respect for things we don’t yet know, understand, or expect.”

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Through this immersive kind of storytelling, Dr. Rose is able to inject viscera into the hard-hitting, objectively fascinating facts at play. Needless to say, genomics is a study that if fully comprehended makes the world that much more interesting. It’s getting a wide audience to understand those facets that can take some wrestling of different, and sometimes contrasting if not out-and-out opposing communicatory traits. Dr. Rose however, sans a few narrative slackenings, hits this out of the park.

With the skill of a true storyteller, he is able to make everything fully understandable, because of this the inspirational tenets of Rose’s chosen field become wholly apparent. Making something obscure to the average civilian displays an enormous amount of generosity. Dr. Rose isn’t just making something remarkable understandable to those uninitiated, he’s helping people understand a core tenet not only of an innovative field, but simultaneously how it can be the gift that keeps on giving.

“My career has evolved at the crossroads of biology and business, and this memoir intertwines both subjects. I write with aspiring entrepreneurs in mind, although I hope my stories will be appreciated by anyone interested in DNA, genomics, the business of science, or entrepreneurship more generally.

These stories primarily comprise companies that commercialized novel analytical tools that enabled scientists to decipher DNA, explore genomes, and make some of the most important advances and discoveries in the life sciences over the past four decades,” Dr. Rose writes. “There are also stories of the personal and professional challenges and opportunities faced by the people who led these businesses, the unexpected events they encountered in their journeys, and how they responded in moments of truth.”

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He also writes, “Based on my three decades in the emerging fields of DNA and genome analysis, I believe there are values, skills, and approaches that, if practiced satisfactorily, can provide strategic advantage and increase the likelihood of success when encountering the unanticipated. I’m not referring to magic bullets or simple formulas but rather a way of thinking and behaving. The stories in this book occurred during an era of dramatic growth in the genomics industry, mostly between 1980 and 2020. Major advances were achieved in our collective understanding of the structure, function, and regulation of genes and genomes, and in turn biological systems. A new industry based on DNA and genome analysis took off during these years and has never looked back.”

Garth Thomas