It is easy to assume Taylor Renee Marx actually began writing songs in her head before ever setting them down on paper or recording. Her single “Overwhelming Love” demonstrates, if nothing else, the exponential growth of her songwriting and musical talents in a small window of time. The Texan born singer has performed at the Houston Livestock Show, Bernhardt Winery Festival, and Saddleback Church and she brings an uplifting message with her music without ever overpowering listeners or coming off in a strident way. We’ll be hearing more from Marx in the near future, but “Overwhelming Love” is a commanding single certain to cement Marx’s reputation as one of the most promising young performers today.


The arrangement has cinematic qualities leaping out at listeners from the outset and the near-orchestral way the track unfolds for listeners draws you in immediately and retains your attention throughout the track. “Overwhelming Love” has a gradual escalating effect – it accumulates energy and drama as the track progresses. The glistening synthesizer wash covering your consciousness throughout the opening has the effect of scene setting before she introduces additional instrumentation to the arrangement. The production effects are notable, but they never come at the expense of the song’s emotional heft – it never sounds stagy or any less authentic that you might hope for.

Marx’s vocals are an excellent fit for the composition. She has measured confidence far beyond her years as a performer; she takes her time with each line and milks the writing for every possible ounce of drama but yet never overwrought. This is thanks to her peerless emotive talents. Her phrasing throughout “Overwhelming Love” reaches far beyond the purview of your typical uplifting track in a spiritual tradition and far more nuanced than we are accustomed to hearing from songs geared in such an obvious orchestral direction.

The track builds to dramatic heights that are difficult to forget. Marx and her collaborators assembled this track in such a way where it has clear construction yet still develops for listeners in a natural sounding way. The payoff for our patience is a big screen ballad broaching topics not often falling within the wheelhouse of popular music and given unique expression in Marx’s hands. The guitar and drums are musical highlights of the piece and team well with Marx’s voice. The tandem combine to make this single one of the year’s formidable listening experiences.


“Overwhelming Love” goes a long way towards establishing Marx as one of the pre-eminent talents rising from today’s independent scene. She has discovered an artful way of bringing her personal beliefs together with her art in a manner that neither alienates those on the same page as her or those who adhere to different beliefs. You will, invariably, find yourself approving of her genuine passion even if you can’t make the spiritual leap this song wants to inspire in its listeners and, moreover, she deserves considerable plaudits for looking outside herself as a songwriter rather than falling prey to the inordinate navel gazing marring modern popular music. Taylor Renee Marx’s “Overwhelming Love” is a lush and imaginative musical ride.

Garth Thomas