Carrying the rock torch from bands and artists like Journey, The Storm and Paul Carrack (“Don’t Shed a Tear”), Mike DeFoy brings that bluesy guitar from his hometown of Chicago into the highly enjoyable tracks, “Glass Houses” and “Poison Kiss”. Both songs are triumphant accomplishments from an already highly regarded rocker. DeFoy, who the man behind and the creator of Chicago’s Sky Pilot Rock and Roll Band, maintains his charm and high integrity rock appeal with these pair of hits. “Glass Houses” and “Poison Kiss” keep DeFoy’s rock credentials intact.


Known as the home for many rockers, it’s not surprising that multi-instrumentalist DeFoy hails from Chicago. In the tradition of Dennis DeYoung, The Ides of March, Survivor and more, DeFoy taps into that hard-working Midwestern value system. He has a crusty layer to his voice, but underneath, the heart and soul of his voice bleeds sincerely. His take on the phrase ‘glass houses’ is thoroughly explored. I think he goes from both an internal victory, and the perspective that he’s in a relationship. Bring the walls of their glasses houses down, down, he sings. The guitar sings just as proudly, as the bashing drums create shards of rhythm and bass kicks. DeFoy’s voice never drowns out, per se, but there are moments when he’s engulfed into the music bed. It works. I liked his take on the glass houses phrase. I think he makes the listener more aware of their own surroundings.

DeFoy carries even more energy into the “Poison Kiss” track. It’s a sultrier sheen, and his guitar has branches out into a bluesy mix. The song has DeFoy singing about his relationship and how he’s the victim of a two-timer. He’s conflicted – tonight I miss your poison kiss, and I just want you to know, but you’re mine, you’re mine…I should never let you go, now I don’t even want you. The chorus really gets stuck in your head, and the driving music bed completes the round robin. DeFoy sings laid back, like he’s really stuck in the moment and raptured by the music. I found myself humming the tempo and his voice many hours later….many days later, too. It’s a mood booster! He gives the listener confidence to take on new challenges. He’s not letting this woman dictate his life and how he’s treated, so neither should the listener. DeFoy might not realize it, but “Poison Kiss” is a call to action. An invocation of personal confidence and independence. You rock and you deserve me, DeFoy subtle says between the lines.

Fans of classic rock (Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, The Outfield, Loverboy, Eddie Money, John Waite and .38 Special) should take a chance on DeFoy and his songs “Glass Houses” and “Poison Kiss”. I think they will like the variety and adding these tunes to their playlists shouldn’t rock the boat too far. DeFoy is having a banner 2020 – in addition to these songs, he’s released several more on his Spotify profile, including “Hold Me Tight”, “Without You” and “In This City”.

Garth Thomas

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