Gently drift away, Jasmine Bharucha sings in her long awaited single, “Fog Horn Blowing”. It’s been years since this former “All Alone Now” singer performed as the first singer from India on MTV Asia. Now based in what she sings used to be a sleepy little hick town, Steveston, British Columbia, located in the Richmond suburb of Vancouver, Bharucha’s timeless voice gifts the laid back tempo and mimics the viewpoint of a ship coming into harbor. “Fog Horn Blowing” is an enjoyable pop country song.


Backing Bharucha’s graceful voice is a full band, with guitars, bass guitar and percussion. It’s a nice folksy tone and the slight twang in Bharucha’s voice is more bluesy than honky tonk. She has a gorgeous voice and this song really showcases her vocal prowess. You bring the song, and I’ll sing it right, as she sails down the water in the pale moon light, there’s a fog horn blowing, Bharucha sings, as if she’s welcoming more and more people down to the harbor to join her in song. It also has a strong campfire sing along vibe. I can easily see this song being played at many dance halls, too, as it has the rhythm and beat for a country line-dance bar. The guitars have a very circular sound wave that channels into the night. When you’re listening to the track it’s so easy to sway back and forth and at the same time, escape into Bharucha’s vocals. The guitar really rocks, and has a lot of melodic rock, country and Americana tones coming at the listener. It’s a mix of all of these genres, but unique to Bharucha’s talents.

Her voice is evergreen. She has this glimmer to her, a sparkle. Much like Crystal Gayle, she possesses an inner-beauty that just flows effortlessly with each lyric. She’s really conveying the love she has for this town. At times the guitar peaks into the forefront, with a melodic riff, but for the most part, Bharucha’s simple tune is her voice singing the catchy words. The backing music is very warm, and not substantially distracting. I think it speaks to the power of her voice that the backing music is so grounded. Don’t get me wrong, they are not just background players, there are moments when the guitar riffs and the orchestration really snap. I’m just in awe of the clarity in Bharucha’s voice. She nearly sparkles with relatability and charm.

This song takes you to that place, but it also brings back cherished memories of your own. Like Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome”, something about reminiscing hits you. It’s like being awash in a quilted memory box. Still, the yearning for making new memories is ever present in the optimistic vocals. Her voice and soothing style is unmatched. I wanted to hear more, and dig a bit deeper into this town. Most of all, I’m curious to hear more music from this songstress. It’s been too long, Jasmine Bharucha. Welcome back. “Fog Horn Blowing” is your victory lap.

Garth Thomas

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