Why don’t you turn those lights on?, grooves Tony Chevy, the artist behind the new single “Lights On”. That instant feeling of cruising down a busy street, looking for friends and new friends on a Friday night. An energy like no other, Chevy puts to song the freeing and beckoning call of human connection. “Lights On” is a flirty dance track, empowering the listener to dance, dance, dance! It’s urban dance music fused with Latin-flavoring and power pop hooks.

URL: https://www.tonychevy.com/

Previously recording under the name Gabriel Antonio, and known for the 2010 hit “I Love The Way”, Miami, Florida’s Chevy proves he’s not a one-hit wonder. His style and texturing emotes fluidity and exasperating happiness. Underneath the amorous beats are a shuffle of electronic Latin-laced horn sections and blocky vibes. A bit of an eclectic sound at first, Chevy’s infectious rhythms douse the listener in a rain shower of brassy and modern mixes. The opening measures nearly sound like an aggressive guitar riff, but soon blossom into a spray of light and pizzazz.

Why don’t you turn those lights on, send out an S.O.S., baby just give me this…Chevy generously repeats the chorus. Meet me down in Tribeca…he continues. Chevy excels at painting this glamourous view and party lifestyle in “Lights On” and the precipice for something life-changing event is at arms-length. He puts you in his place, in the driver’s seat for seeing the sights, the waving sidewalk crowds and the lovely humans out for a good time. The pulse, the vibrations of the song matches the same energy and vibe of a buzzing city, a thumping town feverish hook-ups and connections. His voice is carefree and emphatic when the timing is just right, and contains some speckles of electronic modifiers. Chevy is smooth, suave and keeps you waiting on the next line, lost in the cacophony of beats and urban live vibes. He sounds like he has some filters or auto tune happening, but I couldn’t be certain. Anticipation, excitement – ready to party – the feeling is there along for Chevy’s ride.

No dimming of the lights in this track, as Chevy revs up the listener much the same way a wood block percussion primes the listener to transition to timbales to conga. That motion and movement is continuous in “Lights On” and the listener’s temperature rises with each passing second. I think more so in his music bed and the chorus then the other lines, Chevy is communicating that spirited vibe and audacious yearning to feel alive, feel high on life. “Lights On” is a song that gives the listener a chance to be a part of something, almost touch the community feeling Chevy has derived. No bystanders allowed, “Lights On” gets anyone who listens a chance to dance. The more the merrier; I can predict the streams will pile upon one another by the thousands for this song this summer. It’s going to catch like wildfire to the masses. This summer’s sultry hit is “Lights On” by Florida’s Tony Chevy.

Garth Thomas