Heather Fay’s impressive four-octave voice continues to astound in her latest track “Finally Free”. One could almost title the song ‘finally Fay’, as the listener really gets settled into who this rising pop star is as a woman and as an artist. Letting her guard down and inspiring her listeners in an upbeat, stardust of a song, “Finally Free” feels right. The right time, the right melody, the right song for a singer/songwriter like Fay.

URL: https://www.iamheatherfay.com/

She doesn’t hold back. Maybe one day you will finally see, Fay sings. Her voice angelic and poised. The background music is just as light and airy. Ribbons of snappy or clicking beats flutter about the motion. Fay sings with fierceness. I just couldn’t be what you wanted me to be…finally free, she sings. The groove is tight, the shoulders get moving when you listen to this track. I definitely found myself humming the melody hours later. I think pop fans will adore this song, as will all fans of any genre.

This song spoke to me in a way that made me feel like it was summertime. I can imagine a beach scene or poolside where a girl has just broken up with her boyfriend and she’s cat walking in front a row of boys. Her old boyfriend is pouting, and she’s having the time of her life. Fay really has a charm in her voice that makes her sound both you and old. She can pull off any age, really. So, in a sense, I get her appeal to younger listeners, but I don’t want to pigeon hole her into something that isn’t mature, either. She’s uniquely herself.

I think “Finally Free” has a very modern sound, but it could also compliment the 90s to late 90s sounds you often heard on Top 40. It’s a bit of a celebration of the women that influence Fay – artists that she names include Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. I would go onto say that Fay’s voice has inklings of Ariana Grande and even Rozanda Thomas (TLC’s Chili) and Mýa. When you hear “Finally Free” you get swept into Fay’s voice very easily and it’s easier to just melt away to the sound of her voice, then it is to listen to each word. It was more about the melody for me. I can also see her chorus becoming a TikTok viral hit. It just has that quick edit, fast motion tone going for it. I have a gut feeling she’s going to be a hit in all social media channels, to be honest.

The verdict? Well, in case you haven’t guessed, it’s flying colors for “Finally Free”. Heather Fay’s second single from her debut record, Sensual, is a great representation of a woman with a strong voice and a new point-of-view. Her ‘woman power’ oozes from the lyrics in this song and she empowers her listeners – female or male – to do the same. High marks indeed for Heather Fay and “Finally Free”

Garth Thomas