Hi Bennett! It is great to speak with you today!

Thanks so much for having me!

You have been busy releasing so much music! Will you tell us about your latest release?

Sure! My latest release is a song called “Lightning” that I dropped back in May. I really wanted to put into words what it felt like to share an intimate moment with someone without over sexualizing the song so I chose to do things metaphorically. I think a special part of a relationship are those moments where the attention is just on each other and you can enjoy one another. I released a music video to “Lightning” as well which I released a few weeks ago which you can check out now on my YouTube. The entire concept of the video/song came to me in a dream one night and the next morning I basically brought to life what I had dreamt about. “Lightning” has become my favorite song that I’ve released so far.

What has been the coolest part of releasing all these projects?

I think the coolest part is seeing the growth in my music. Whether it be vocally, lyrically, or from the producing/engineering aspect, I can see my music evolving in quality and skill. I thrive off of learning and that’s one of the things I enjoy most about my craft. So that, and also all the amazing artists that I’ve gotten to work with along the way too. As an independent artist, we have the ability to basically do what we want with our music and for me, working with some other very talented artists has been a really cool part.

You’re gearing up for the release of your EP right? 

Absolutely! I’m so excited for this EP. I’m going to be releasing it in July, although I’m still working out the exact date. Im super pumped for it though!

Anything you can tell us about that?

Most definitely! I’ve got a solid 6 tracks that are a combination of Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop. I’m a hopeless romantic and there’s nothing I love more than writing love songs, so will have the classic Bennett love songs that my music has become known for. It’s going to feature some amazing artists alongside me too so a big shoutout to my boys Quick, YRU VEXxD, and Jax who will be on a few tracks. I cannot wait for this release. It will be my 1st EP in 3 years so needless to say I’m excited.

Is it the same style/energy as your previous music?

Yes, it’s definitely going to have the same energy. I love singing as much as I love rapping and although my last few releases have been just singing, there will be a song where I bring back my rapping. I really wanted to incorporate as much of the energy and vibes that my supporters have grown to love and not stray from that. I can honestly say that this collection of music is some of the best music I’ve made, so that makes me really excited to release it.

What has been the most surreal part of this process?

The most surreal part is probably the hard work itself, working with the artists that I have, and just watching everything come together. An EP takes time and a lot of energy, so I think being able to work in my home studio and create a collection of music that every part of my being gets entrapped in is truly captivating. It’s that “wow, I’m actually doing this” sort of feeling which makes the whole thing surreal. I know I’m going to feel that even more when it’s released.

Please tell everyone where to find you and your music!

You can find all my music on my website www.imbennettmusic.com or on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, or any major streaming platform. You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @imbennettmusic, where I post content regarding my music and just life in general on a consistent basis.

Thank you!

It’s my pleasure! Thank you for having me!

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End of Interview