Time stands still when you fall for someone. You see them across the room, or standing there in the corner of the restaurant. Your gaze follows them and as the butterflies flutter around your stomach, the ends of your mouth can’t stop smiling. “Love At First Sight” is a universal feeling, and it’s also the theme and title to singer/songwriter Andre Mayon’s debut effort. Mayon’s way with words and the magnetism in his voice catapult “Love At First Sight” to a top 2020 hit.

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Grabbing the listener’s attention quickly, “Love At First Sight” relies heavily on an acoustic guitar music bed, with Mayon’s voice creating a conceptualized, cinematic experience. Mayon, who’s cousin is award-winning music director and oft Kanye West collaborator, Hype Williams, transfers his sound editing and behind-the-scenes education to bring a light versus dark tone. The guitar, sometimes rough and darker, is overshadowed by Mayon’s bright, baritone voice. Mayon wastes little time setting the mood with his pleasure-filled voice. His head-turning singing grabs the baton from Barry White and Johnny Cash just the same.

Made for a bedroom but PG enough to sit in the living room with the kids, Mayon melts hearts when he sings this might be love at first sight, as if he were only talking to one person. Let me hold you, he sings, like butter to bread, before he changes his cadence ever-so-slightly in the line let me tell you everything, everything about how to treat a woman. As his words dance around the listener’s heart, like those nervous nellies in your stomach meeting the love of your life, the acoustic guitar trembles and ebbs and flows. Against this flurried presentation is a female vocalist, coyishly and light-heartedly singing and responding. Picture it – a man in a woman in a coffee shop having a conversation that turns quickly into love. The listener is humming along to Mayon’s intricate, delicate touch.

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Just like editing a music video or framing a scene, Mayon’s decision to forgo dubbing or splicing beats is celebrated. “Love At First Sights” calls for one-on-one and his monogamous sound is the perfect accoutrement. The fusion of murky, sometimes harsh acoustic guitar strumming is brash against his melodic delivery. At times the guitar is in conflict with the harmony, but it evens out and blends together like the sunshine peeking through the shade under a tree. The former DJ, known for giving some of the best beats in Naperville, Ill., chooses a stripped down approach and it pays off. You can almost hear a pin drop between the pauses and the split second where there is no guitar; time stands still when you wait for his next lyric.

The message of the song is clear – he’s a loving guy and wants to take things slow and doesn’t want to ruin the moment. Judging by the sound of “Love At First Sight”, Mayon is a formidable, promising singer/songwriter. This song is radio-ready and fans in the pop, R&B and even Americana realm will want to add it to their rotation.

Garth Thomas

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