Nice to have you today!  Tell us about your road to success!!

Have a clear vision + believe in yourself and your dreams + have achievable goals + live and feel as if you’ve already manifested all your dreams despite your current physical circumstances + hard work and dedication + persistence + consistency + not letting anyone deter you off your path + have fun in the process & be childlike + put all your heart and love into whatever you are doing + let go of the expectations + enjoy the ride and let life guide you where you need to be. So balance the feminine and masculine aspects within you for success in life and to achieve wholeness and balance within. 🙂 I am still learning to master some of the elements in this formula :))

If you could be in two places at one time, everyday…where would those places be? 

Um, can I pick a new place every day? 😀 If so, I’d just travel the world within a year, that would be cool 🙂  😛 

Otherwise; if it’s within the US; I’d wanna be between LA and Sedona I guess. 

How do you get pumped up before a big event? 

Good night sleep, good nutrition, then I try to dance or exercise, meditate, say my prayers, affirmations & intentions and go for it 🙂 

What is your mantra? 

Be here now! 🙂

Please send your Facebook Link and a new photo as a jpg. 


End of Interview