Emily Vacher is the Director of Trust and Safety at Facebook and it is her mission to keep children safe.  As May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day she offered some interesting statistics regarding missing children and helpful tips on how your children safe.

Each day more than 1100 kids go missing in the USA.  That equals 424,000 per year.  Most of these children are found, but we know that having people be on the lookout for a missing child increases the chance of finding a child.  The stats only get brighter the earlier people are told to be on alert for a missing child as soon as they are announced missing.

That’s where AMBER Alerts have come into play.

AMBER Alerts, an acronym for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, is a message relayed by a child abduction alert system to get the public involved to help find missing children.  The AMBER alert began in the USA in 1996 and now, they will also have appeared on Facebook since 2015.

Something important to know that AMBER Alerts are always in real time and only present themselves in the area in which a child has gone missing.  So if you see an AMBER Alert, it is not a drill.  A child has gone missing and the authorities and families need your help to get the child back to safety.

Facebook delivers an AMBER Alert that includes a picture of the child, any information about the case and a link to the police who are on the case. Facebook delivers that info to your news feed if you’re within the particular radius where the child went missing.

Emily Vacher is the current Director of Trust and Safety for Facebook and she has an impressive career in law enforcement.  In fact, she served in the FBI and worked on the Child Abduction Team.

Emily Vacher spoke with Michelle Tompkins for The Hollywood Digest about her career in law enforcement, explained the AMBER Alert situation and what Facebook is doing to help, told the significance of National Missing Children’s Day and offered general tips on how to keep your children safe.

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Emily Vacher and information on Facebook’s AMBER Alert program may be found here.