Score keepers never change the game. This one profound viewpoint is visible when anyone realizes the failure of a society is numerical in nature. The numbers guys, the bean counters, just keep counting beans.

It isn’t until the true leaders, those who recognize that change has to happen and do the work to cause change, shift the outcome. Whether it’s a relatively simple shift in transparency from the top, or a total upset of the basket where the top players are made irrelevant, change comes when something bigger happens.


Finding motivation.

The significant success of any change is finding the dynamic motivation that sets it into motion. The spearhead. The change maker. An action taker? This powerful bit of prying on the wheel to start it rolling downhill at a speed great enough to keep it rolling once it hits bottom.

Fear can motivate change.

If fear is enough to motivate and generate action required to make the change, there will be a measurable difference. The problem with using fear as the motivation for change is the isolation factor that becomes significant when more people are afraid of what stirred up the fear than are afraid of making the change that will turn the game from a losing event – to a winner.

Stack implores readers to think about transparency.

Leadership requires transparency, visibility, knowledge, and concern for the audience. You have to be open to lead well. In simple terms, you can’t lead from behind the curtain, in the dungeon, or your hiding place in the basement. Leaders must be up front and visible. More importantly, they must be IN THE ROOM.

The concept of thriving over surviving.

Getting more from what you give. This easy to comprehend reality is vast in connection with economics, negotiation, and game changing reality. If you’re unwilling to give something of value, you won’t receive anything of value. When you give more, you inspire people to chase a higher goal, a process that develops leaders. The more they’re willing to step out to get what they want, the harder they will work to get it. Motivate to change – it makes a difference once you get the ball rolling.

Where is it going?

This trajectory concept is valid, because if when your “rolling ball” hits the valley if there’s no way to climb the wall – where will it end up? When reading change the game, I realized there’s more than one part to the effort to “get the ball rolling” and the significance of those pieces are what make the difference between leaders who change the game, and those who just ignite a fire or push the ball toward the edge. Leaders have a solid concept of where they want to go, so their plan to change the game has a dedicated destination point where they are directing all action.


When I started reading this book, I didn’t see it as a political statement, but as I read through the concepts, arriving at the methodology of “Change the Game” I realized it’s a profound statement of current reality – not just the 1980’s recession, but also of the current happenings around the nation. On the one hand there’s displacement that is necessary to create chaos, and those pushing that agenda don’t have a plan, no goal in mind, and no place to take their momentum but over the cliff. On the other hand, there’s a goal of becoming exceptional again, a nation of greatness built on a foundation of solid leadership and a plan to change the game for the betterment of all.

To any entrepreneur out there I strongly recommend this book – it’s a game changer worthy of your time to read.

by Kendall Townsend posted by Garth Thomas