There’s a special treat for LGBTQ audiences everywhere, on the eve of Pride Weekend, and it’s a musical comedy, of course! Tonight, at 9 PM Eastern Time (6 PM on the West Coast), the UBC TV Network is streaming a special presentation of writer/director Michael Penny’s uproarious film, JUNK, which stars veteran actors Tym Moss and Robbie Wayne. Set in North Carolina’s backwoods country, Junk introduces us to aging gay queen Miss Lily (Moss) and his studly business partner Chris (Wayne), two flea-market dealers who are gifted the contents of a rundown house owned by an old gay man who recently passed away. Combing through the various odds and ends, Miss lily and Chris are ostensibly searching for things to sell at their market. Miss Lily, however, is also seeking love with Chris, who is decidedly uninterested. Although the two men don’t find anything profitable (a trove of ancient gay porn, worn-out bric-a-brac), they do end up discovering hidden truths about themselves.

Penny weaves together a delightfully lighthearted narrative, punctuated by hilarious songs and campy dialogue, and it’s the perfect movie night outing for Pride Week.  “JUNK was so much fun to work on,” Moss tells The Hollywood Digest. “We went out into the middle of nowhere, just the seven of us, and created something special.” The film has been featured at the qFLIX  LGBTQ Film Festival in Philadelphia, and at a Rainbow House screening at Fire Island Pines. “Robbie and Michael were awesome,” Moss says of the movie’s grueling schedule, “and everything just came together!” You can get tickets for tonight’s showing here, so make some popcorn, grab a feather boa, and delve into the magic of Junk!

Miss Lily (Tym Moss) woos a recalcitrant Chris (Robbie Wayne) in “Junk”