I walked into the “The House of Blues”, which at first glance appeared to me as the Disneyland of the music world (coincidentally in Anaheim near Disney), to hear the music of L. Shankar, globally treasured vocalist and violinist and Scott Page sovereign saxophonist from Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Toto, Think:EXP, The Hailers, and a host of others. The show was promoted by Glen Stern, drummer, and legendary California music hero to many.

Suddenly in walked the Hailers, or at least some of them, frontman Robert Mills, Billy DiBlassi, April Carson and Lori Herek. The Grammy nominated faction (which also includes Scott Page), has been performing for over a decade in the US. Originally conceived in the U.K., Mills brought his concept and unique sound to LA were the band continues to passionately perform. Their vibe and spirit evokes an unparalleled energy and unsurpassed sensibility. 

Added to the mix was L. Shankar, creator of the double neck 10 string stereophonic violin, who has played with icons including: Peter Gabriel, George Harrison, Phil Collins, Frank Zappa, Johnathon Davis, Ginger Baker, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, John Waite, and many more. Signed to Cleopatra Records, Shankar is set to release his new album which contains tracks inclusive of Scott Page, drummer from Jane’s Addiction, and Norwood Fisher from Fishbone, all of which encompass part of Think: EXP.

Scott Page, from the third most influential band on the planet, Pink Floyd and considered by many the best sax player in the music industry is also a leading technologist and entrepreneur. Page is the creator of the edgy immersive band Think:EXP which is currently revolutionizing the entire music industry, and putting the human spirit back into music. Think: EXP can be seen at the LA Wisdome November 8th and 9th.

As a live performance band The Hailers command their own destiny. Lead vocalist, the charming Robert Mills sings with his heart, and plays guitar with his soul. Their songs speak in emotions, and their performance touches the heart of a rocker. The band is tight and sounds as good in person as they do on a record. Page played an exalting and dazzling set, and drummer Billy DiBlassi has an enlightening glow to his style. L.Shankar shined and added depth and originality to the already bulletproof band. April and Lori brought sparkle and charisma to the bands animation.

Together the band played an unforgettable and awe inspiring set with nearly the entire audience manipulating their cell phones to record the music greats in front of them. The president of Cleopatra Records, Brian Perera couldn’t help but take his cell phone out as well. Drummer Neel Agrawal joined in the Grande Finale, “Escape To Your Heart”, ( Grammy nominated song), a tremendous and epic climax to a flawless performance. Unfortunately time ran out all too soon however the crowd stayed glued to the stage hoping for more. 

The conglomerate, Robert Mills, The Hailers, Scott Page, L. Shankar, and Revolushn featuring Dave Kendrick from Devo and Stephen Perkins can be seen this Friday, October 18th at 6:00 PM @ The Globe Theater in Downtown LA celebrating  “Mars Rocks”, a concert benefitting The Mars Society. The Mars Society is an organization advocating the exploration and settlement of the planet Mars. It will be a huge celebrity Red Carpet event. For more information: