Many songs have been written about a wall – one of the first song’s that comes to mind is Pink Floyd’s classic “Another Brick In The Wall”, then Miley Cyrus’ “Fly On The Wall” and Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall”. However you interpret these tunes, there’s nothing compared to the new Maurice track “The Wall”. Clear as day and not referring to the metaphorical partition between partners, this carnal vision is more than meets the eye.

Maurice, who hails from Detroit, Michigan, has been writing and performing his own style of music since the age of 14, as a means to escape the rough surroundings. And what an escape “The Wall” is for listeners. After a night out, Maurice describes to his lady that the ride home is going to make a stop at his house. He’s ready to show her the night of her life, and he’s wanting to get physical with her against the wall. His voice is re-assuring in a very non-creepy sort of way. Maurice reminds me a lot of Khalid (“Talk”). Only, Maurice has less mumble in his projection. Maurice calmly and slyly sings the chorus (“let’s have sex on the wall, I just want to see if you can take it, is what I’m dropping off”).


The music bed has no sense of turmoil, no sonic conflict. It’s a bold beat, with a nocturnal spike. The cadence is like a smokey, curled plume of vapor filling the room. It’s catchy, but Maurice’s vocals just really overpower the music bed. As a listener, I was drawn to the affection in his voice. So much of “The Wall” screams R&B, but really it’s a great pop song, too. I’m no prude, but this song is likely more of a PG-13 crowd….or R rating if it was a movie. I think Maurice has a class to his voice. He’s revealing a lot of fantasy in the song, but at the heart of his game plan is a man that is devoted to his woman. I think he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s not trying to be anybody than himself and that is a true artist. I really got comfortable listening to Maurice’s voice. His voice is that magnetic. There are no walls, no borders between him and his listener – you just slip right into the mood and his essence. The undercurrent, slow to release, but poignant nonetheless, happening below him is stylish, but the real magic is above the music bed.

As mentioned above, fans of Khalid will dig “The Wall”, and I think fans of Usher, Drake, Prince and Halsey should check out Maurice. He has the appeal and the stamina to cross many genres and interests. Overall, I think as a debut single, Maurice comes out swinging and has a strong presence and a hit in “The Wall” on his hands. For a first release, he goes for it, and doesn’t hold back. Not for the faint of heart, “The Wall” breaks through invisible barriers.

Garth Thomas

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