People go through challenges in life but very few come through like this young woman who has come through shining like an eagle. Tarryn Reeves of Four Eagles Publishing works with high level entrepreneurs to create bestselling books that act as lead magnets that grow their business with ease. Her specialty is creating an amazing reader experience that converts book sales into clients. 

Her story is not as easily painted, Tarryn’s journey as a woman from Zimbabwe began with her telling Rhonda about growing up in a third world country where she detailed her wild childhood days. Days spent making rope from trees, rescuing animals and riding horses and then the drastic change that came with the corruption of a government, the killing of animals, the beating of workers and then her and her family being thrown off of their farm. 

Fleeing, starting a new life in a distant land, trying to conform; to fit in with her peers, facing racism head on, dimming her accent, battling with PTSD, chronic depression, and major anxiety and then how learning she was to become a mother ignited the change in direction that brought her out of darkness and into her own; Tarryn’s story is riveting, and to listen to the path and decisions that led to where she is today is nothing short of heart-wrenchingly breath-stopping.

“I love stories that inspire impact and ignite in some way, shape or form. Right? And I’m passionate about not editing the author’s voice. Of course we edit, right? But the essence and soul of the author needs to stay. (…)” – Tarryn Reeves – A woman with her own story, who helps others tell theirs, because according to her, everyone has a story, everyone is an author. 

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Best Selling Author, International Speaker and World-Renowned Online Brand Strategist, Rhonda Swan is the Founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency and is dedicated to helping people turn their passions and dreams into a tangible and sexy reality. 

Once we were wild, this is the time to re-wild ourselves. To return to our fierceness and truest form and expression as women, come be wild with us. 

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Article by DEZii