Chip Wade lends his vast home improvement knowledge to good use

Chip Wade is a skilled carpenter and interior designer who is the owner of Wade Works Creative LLC who may be most well-known for his extensive work on HGTV.  He shared his wisdom on how to make your home ready to take on the weather as well as relatives.

When the holidays are approaching, that usually means more people are around and it is important to use this time to clean up and get everything in the home in tip-top shape.

Chip Wade hails from Atlanta where he comes from a long line of artisanal craftsmen.  He always had a love of building and design and after graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech, he earned his certification in residential construction and built homes in his beloved Atlanta.

His natural presence helped him migrate into making media appearances where he got his start on HGTV’s Designed to Sell in 2007.   More TV opportunities came in a plethora of HGTV and DIY shows, as well as being on Ellen’s Design Challenge, Oprah, Martha Stewart and CNN.

He was the host, executive producer and designer of his Emmy Award Winning series Elbow Room where he used his skills to help people transform their homes to fit their lifestyle and budget.

Chip Wade gives tips on what you need to do to make your home more valuable

Chip Wade explained what are some things people can do on their own and when it is time to bring in a professional to help you out.  He elaborated on what you need to do to maintain major appliances to keep them from breaking down.

He also gave some great tips on what you can do to spruce up your kitchen easily that won’t break the bank like redoing the cabinet doors rather than replacing the entire cabinets.  He also explained the virtues of investing in a home warranty to keep the costs low when things do break down.

He gently reminds people how important is it fully clean their stovetops and ovens, but do it early so you won’t risk destroying your holiday dinner.

Chip Wade spoke with Michelle Tompkins for The Hollywood Digest about his love of building and design, what’s going on with his shows, gave a checklist of everything homeowners need to do in order to get their homes ready in time for the holidays, what are some things people should do themselves, what Sears can do to help make things better and more.

See the full helpful and informative interview with Chip Wade here:

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