Song Angel is a music-oriented app with multi-faceted uses. The app allows musical artists attempting to build name recognition and contacts to keep abreast with how others are reacting to their work. For years popular musicians have labored with a system of essentially planting a flag and waiting, waiting, waiting to see if anyone salutes. Musicians want to, as Song Angel puts it in their promotional materials, know three things – did they open, listen to, and/or like it? This company endeavors to provide musicians an efficient way of answering each of these questions for reasonable rates and with additional opportunities.

The in-app messaging feature offered by Song Angel is one of its best features. There are several scenarios where this can prove crucial for Song Angel account holders. Individuals who enjoyed the artist’s music can contact them via the messaging feature, for instance. Coupling this with over 20 notifications for artists is a powerful one-two punch highlighting what Song Angel brings to table.

Other interesting elements they offer include connections to over 10,000 music world movers and shakers. Don’t let the naysayers decrying the end of popular music to sway you – there are scores of individuals out there searching for promising new bands and singers to perform live, record, compose scores for films, or make appearances. Song Angel facilitates communication between those seeking out new music and artists who are hard-working and ambitious. The increasingly frantic pace of our time and competitive nature of the music world today creates a need for such a service.


There’s other attractions for signing up. Song Angel offers three different levels for account holders. The first is Silver, followed by Gold, and capped off with the Platinum level. The Wings credits Song Angel offers users to use promoting their music plays a big role in their June 2021 Giveaway. Entries are determined by the user’s account level and winners are due to receive one song mastered by Warner-BMG engineer Bud Bremner of Coastal Mastering Studio, 10,000 Song Angel Wings, feedback on three songs from renowned producer John Tomaino, and a Kretzman Guitars limited edition tactical classic 1959 LP double-cut style P-90 guitar. Second and third place prizes land account holders 5,000 and 2,500 Song Angel Wings along with feedback on a single song from Tomaino. They even throw in a Song Angel t-shirt for good measure!

Song Angel strikes a stylish note with their Swag Shop. The standard offerings for a business are available there, muds, t-shirts, hoodies, and never exorbitantly priced. Song Angel, in my opinion, is one of the most intelligent apps designed for musicians that’s emerged in quite some time. The design is open-ended enough, as well, that it is easy imagining them expanding their services as inspiration strikes. It is a forward-looking company and possess a focus on building relationships with their customers unlike many others. They will likely be a force within the music world and exist as a gateway for musicians seeking exposure for years to come. It’s a website and app well worth checking out at your first available opportunity. 

Garth Thomas