Dr. Evan Antin helps you de-stress your cat

Dr. Evan Antin is as smart, funny and kind as he is dreamy.  He has been named People Magazine’s Sexiest veterinarian for a few years now, fans refer to him as “The Hot Vet” and he recently landed his own show Evan Goes Wild on Animal Planet that begins airing on February 24.  While he tends to focus on more exotic animals, he loves cats and dogs too and is working with Comfort Zone to help families make their kitties happy, healthy and stressfree.

Dr. Evan Antin is from Kansas City, Kansas and he always had a passion for animals, but his love always leaned to the exotic with him being fascinated by reptiles and bugs.  He studied at the University of Colorado at Boulder and traveled around the world learning about specific ecosystems and fauna. He graduated from veterinary school at Colorado State in 2013.

He has been working at a veterinary clinic in California and tends all kinds of animals from farm animals, potentially dangerous critters and of course traditional family pets.  His new series Evan Goes Wild shows him going on all sorts of global animal adventures.

Dr. Evin Antin spoke with Michelle Tompkins for The Hollywood Digest about his early life, travels, passion for animals, what he likes to do for fun and offered some important tips on how to incorporate a cat into your family, how to ascertain if your cat is stressed, how to help them if they are, what Comfort Zone products do to help and more.

See the complete interview with Dr. Evan Antin here:

Dr. Evan Antin can be seen on Evan Goes Wild on Animal Planet starting on February 24 at 9 PM and learn more about Comfort Zone here.