A beacon of light, a signal fire or heliograph appearing in the darkest of times, SohoJohnny arose from the proverbial ashes to inspire, encourage, and help human-kind. The founder of the “Let Me Help” Foundation, SohoJohnny Is on a mission striving to help those people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by COVID-19 by raising funds through the celebration of music, laughter and dance. 

Rising above the noise of our current social climate, SohoJohnny has endured his own personal losses during this pandemic including his 93 year old mother’s passing from the virus, and the devastation of businesses and projects close to his heart. Yet he chooses to continue in his quest to spread what he calls a mandate for humanity.  A soul entrenched in the design of kindness and a modern day voice of reason, SohoJohnny treks forward looking up towards the sky while he prepares to produce events in the name of philanthropy….

I spoke with SohoJohnny regarding his advice, philosophies and visions. His answers were direct and simple but full of meaning and wisdom. …

World meet a modern day superhero…..SohoJohnny ….

You always have the best advice for people turning lemons into lemonade, what do you feel the best distractions are for people during these crazy times when even the smallest problems are magnified?

 Volunteer to help in any way….help, focus on someone less fortunate. Take a walk in nature. If you can or cannot sing, sing anyway. Whatever you do, realize it is temporary. Be aware of how full your life is, and how your life has value and is loaded with capabilities.

What are some of you most precious values and why?

Values-The most simple ones we all know…every night will precede a dawn. If one person cares about you, you are fortunate…You are RICHEST if you are truly loved. 

If you could relay a message to the world in hopes that they would listen what would you want to say?

My message would be to Wake Up! Life is not meant to be perfect. The entire world is a canvas where each one of us has an individual brush to add it’s diversity converging together. Painting the beauty of humanity. 

Who are your own personal favorite artists and why do you admire them?

My favorite artists are ones that give back and no matter how much success, they never forget where they began and in turn contribute to others that are on their way up. 

If you could be anyone besides yourself for day, who’s shoes would you step into and why?

I want to be be….an empowered person, someone who can right the wrongs. 

What bridges are you glad you burned?

People who are sadly caught in their own “Ground Hog Day” scenarios an do not have the foresight to look forward to the next day. 

What’s next for SohoJohnny? 

 What’s next? THE SOHO AT NIGHT SHOW – A new show where I will be the host to artists of all genres in an intimate setting bring my love of music to the world. 

The official website for SohoJohnny may be found at https://www.sohojohnny.com

Photos by Billy Hess