Mayor of DMV, credible and notable entrepreneur & artist now adds a new title to his name as one of the best music managers in DC, MD, VA, area. Sean Anwar Thomas aka MayorOfDMV has cultivated several formidable relationships in the industry becoming a dot-connector for those who wish to get to the next level. Sean, being a former indie road manager who worked for DC’s Brother Maniac and Hip-Hop for The Homeless Tour, MayorOfDMV is responsible for helping road manage and promote LiL B The Based Gods 1st east coast tour and along with Lil B is the brainchild behind the early 2000s Basedworld movement. In 2009, The Mayor of DMV teamed up with friends Brandon McCartney and Sabastian Demian to launch the indie website, which landed him at the door of musical artist Soulja Boy and a cult following, which earned them the top performance bid for New York Santos Party House in 2010.

MayorOfDMV can assist with securing physical or online media distribution, sync licensing agency deals, booking regional North American tours, and help secure sponsorship/endorsement partnerships for artists.

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