Pop Singer JoZie wants you to embrace your inner beauty with her second single “Perfect Enough.” Having fallen in love with music after she was gifted a karaoke machine by her father, JoZie moved to Music City when she was 18 to pursue her dreams. She soon scored a record deal and teamed up with writers Lacie Carpenter and Thornton Cline, who penned her chart topping debut single, “My Lucky Song.” “Perfect Enough” is a powerhouse song that blends a catchy melody with lyrics that encourage radical self-acceptance. JoZie proves she was born for a career in music with an impeccable vocal performance. The main message of “Perfect Enough” is to love yourself, even when you can’t recognize your own beauty.

“Perfect Enough” addresses the woes of social media and the unattainable beauty standards it perpetuates. The track opens with, “Don’t need to be a cover girl/With all the right looks and curves/No need to be flawless/She’s timeless, oh timeless.” But JoZie isn’t just saying that timeless beauty is the goal, she’s saying that valuing all that you are is. “She’s like a fine sunny day, sprinkled with a brain,” addresses the theme of not foregoing intelligence for beauty. JoZie sings about recognizing her strength, all that she’s overcome, and has had to withstand. The celebration and recognition of “all the beauty we can’t see” is something I didn’t hear in pop songs when I was growing up. “Perfect Enough” is an incredibly refreshing pop song because JoZie is begging her listeners to not forget who they are, that they are so much more than just their looks.

The production of “Perfect Enough” is a lovely blend of early 2000’s pop and modern day pop. JoZie singing “perfect enough” in the opening of the song has a Britney Spears-esque feeling to it that made me smile. There is something so nostalgic about “Perfect Enough” even though its a modern song. It pushes the envelope with moments of talking peppered throughout the track. This is where “Perfect Enough” becomes a bit more modern and experimental feeling. JoZie says, “She’s a warrior, a conqueror/Her strength never wavers/With confidence abound/She loves her new self, she’s down.” This makes “Perfect Enough” feel like a triumph over the pressures of society and the spiral of insecurities. That’s what I like about “Perfect Enough” is that you feel like JoZie is taking you on a personal journey of some kind. That she’s rising from the ashes and is telling you that you can too.

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One of the most intriguing lyrics of “Perfect Enough” is when JoZie sings, “In reality she wouldn’t change a thing/She’s an original just the way she’s made.” JoZie brings up an interesting point that these beauty trends live and die on social media. Outside the cyclone of social media, in the real world, those standards of beauty are irrelevant. It doesn’t mean the need to compare yourself to others or feelings of inadequacy don’t come for you at night but it means that one’s natural beauty is more timeless than any trend will ever be, which is exactly JoZie’s point on “Perfect Enough.” There is something almost Punk-rock about “Perfect Enough,” it is clearly a pop song but doesn’t behave like one. Its principles don’t celebrate what you’d expect them to, which makes JoZie’s music career so exciting to follow. Pop reaches massive audiences and JoZie’s “Perfect Enough” is much needed in the collective. The more people who can recognize their own magic and love themselves as they are, makes for a powerful world.

JoZie is at such an exciting point in her career, she’s at the beginning. Her and her team are currently working on her upcoming EP, that can go in any direction. Will it be just as nostalgic? Edgy? Something brand new? One thing is certain, JoZie won’t shy away from real topics. “Perfect Enough” is a universal song that reminds you to love yourself no matter what anyone else says or thinks. You don’t want to miss it!

Garth Thomas