Hearing loss impacts an estimated 48 million Americans, but there still is a stigma attached to this condition.  Many people avoid getting their hearing checked, even after they themselves or someone else mentions that they may have a problem.

As October is National Protect Your Hearing Month, The Hollywood Digest has a couple of experts who can help you get the info you or a loved one needs to get your hearing checked, and if necessary, repaired in as unobtrusive was as possible.

Dr. Leslie Soiles, Chief Audiologist for HearingLife and spokesperson for The National Campaign for Better Hearing and Tina Soika, SVP of Operations for HearingLife and a trained speech pathologist have been helping people diagnose and treat hearing loss for the bulk of their careers.

In fact, Dr. Soiles was born with hearing loss and choose to dedicate her professional life to helping people with similar issues.

Dr. Soiles and Ms. Soika spoke with Michelle Tompkins for The Hollywood Digest about identifying hearing loss, how easy it is to set up a hearing test, why hearing should be rechecked at the age of 60, what are HearingLife Centers and what is the Campaign for Better Hearing and more.

Learn more about National Protect Your Hearing Month and HearingLife here.