‘Health and Wellness’ is the topic on everyone’s lips post-pandemic, and for good reason. The past two years have provided us all with an opportunity to re-evaluate so many aspects of our lives, to begin redefining what it means to live well.

Learning to clear the mind and support the body is essential to innovating on your own health and wellness. Consciously choosing everything that you engage in from people, places and things, are key to regulating the stress-response within your system and further activate calculated responses vs triggered reactions.

For Nav Singh, his passion for improving the lives of others and his vision around health creates avenues for people to achieve their full potential and extend their ability to maintain a high quality of life in both mind and body.

Since a young age, Nav has aspired to help others. When the opportunity to work with a driven and proven group of like minded entrepreneurs presented itself, he knew this was meant to be. It was an easy transition from a successful career in capital markets as a Portfolio Manager and Macroeconomic Strategist at top tier financial institutions to Chief Strategy Officer of Tidl Sport.

Actually creating something that is changing someone else’s life, is a potent thought to ponder and the fuel that drives Tidl Sport. The origin of the name alone provides a powerful answer to that thought: Tenacity, Intensity, Dedication and Lifestyle.

“We feel that this embodies the complete essence of what we stand for in terms of creating change in the world of health and wellness.”

As the company innovates for high-performance sport, ‘with the workout only as good as the recovery’, supporting athletes like Conor McGregor in their pursuits to conquer the world stage, Tidal also advocates for every-day athletes who desire to move through life optimized.

There is now this intersection of older eastern medicine coming in and mixing with modern medicine. We must begin to address the basics of supplementation to support the stress that so many people simply live with. Foods like Ashwagandha, turmeric or cinnamon – all of these have anti-inflammatory properties and you need to make them more of a regular part of your diet. The other side of this is mental health. This is something that is really coming into our focus. We are really excited about things like nootropics. The mind has a lot of impact on the body. For example, how the stress within our minds impacts the inflammation in our bodies.

This recent episode of The Rhonda Swan Show contains a powerful conversation between Rhonda and Nav, showcasing the importance of redefining what it means to live well while delivering on tangible elements that will have you inspired to begin making changes today!

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