Renown and accomplished master artist Garyk Lee will be presenting a new innovative “Style TV Show” set to launch November 29th, 2018. Topics covered include: cooking, art, renovations, fashion, and much more. Garyk will be using his creative talents to teach his crafts to the planet in an elegant upscale and entertaining manner.

Congratulations on your new endeavor …..

Eileen Shapiro: Garyk can you explain the inspiration behind your new Garyk Lee Style TV show?

Garyk Lee:
I’ve always had many people asking to show them how I can take anything and make it over…I always would see something new…a new design in an old piece of furniture…Or a garment that has been…by someone else’s standard…Ruined or is out-dated looking… I re-cut, re-style and it is a new garment…So the requests from clients and people to share my creativity coupled with my enjoyment of using the technology we have today to film/edit seemed a sure fit!

Eileen Shapiro: It seems to feature all the topics and themes people enjoy watching and learning about. Will there be a segment on each of them in each episode? And what will you focus on as far as features.

Garyk Lee:
Yes, I will try to focus in one specific area per episode but there will be times that I can combine different aspects of creativity that make up a lifestyle motif of the event or
end result…for instance…there may be a specific occasion with a theme we decorate for which would include redesigning the host or hostess look for the party.

Eileen Shapiro: Does your art work play a role in this?

Garyk Lee: In many cases, Yes…To convey an idea…many times a visual such as a rendering works best so you may see me doing a quick on-sight sketch…Or an interior may require a unique Art finish or mural…I’ve also been known to take a t-shirt or a simple cotton knit dress that has bleach stains and turning them into my new base for a totally artful new funky shirt…by strategically adding more bleach and paint…Art will always be a conduit.

Eileen Shapiro: How did you develop the show?

Garyk Lee: I actually had scripted my first episode…then the timing of my own kitchen remodel happened so I decided to use the re-do process for my first few episodes…Going forward I plan to have some celebrity guests for contributors.. Experts in their fields…to ones seeking my creative help.

Eileen Shapiro: Where would you like this tv series to go in the future, is there a specific goal you are looking to accomplish regarding it?

Garyk Lee: Yes, I am hoping to catch the eye of some larger distribution sources that understand and allow me to continue in the format I create…that doesn’t put me in a specific box…Yet allows the creativity to flourish.

Eileen Shapiro: Most importantly, how when and where can people view this?

Garyk Lee:
Garyk Lee YouTube …it will be up on my You Tube channel ready for viewing by November 29th…If it is view- able sooner…I will let you know.

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