What inspired you to start your YouTube series, “Victoria in the Wild,” and what can viewers expect?

I grew up on a buffalo farm and always had an affinity for the outdoors. It was in my nature. Moving to Florida, I wanted to revisit all the fun of the outdoors I used to have and bring back my inner child. 

In your YouTube series, you explore various outdoor adventures and experiences. Can you share one of your most memorable and exhilarating moments from your adventures so far?

I will say going deep sea fishing was fun! I had never been and it was crazy just being out in the middle of the water so calm. I looked around at one point and it looked so surreal. 

How do you approach the balance between adventure and safety while filming your outdoor expeditions for “Victoria in the Wild”? Are there any precautions or preparations you take before embarking on each adventure?

I always bring bug spray! Lol but honestly I’m always with a guide who knows the area. They do a safety briefing beforehand and then we go off on our way! 

“Victoria in the Wild” seems to emphasize connecting with nature and the outdoors. How do you believe spending time in nature can positively impact mental and emotional well-being?

It helps me get disconnected. I work on my phone so much and feel overstimulated at times. Being in nature brings me peace, and its fun just to let loose a little! 

Your YouTube series showcases different locations and landscapes. Could you talk about your favorite natural setting that you’ve explored so far and why it left such a lasting impression on you?

I believe the ocean and anything pertaining to it is just beautiful and mighty….and a little scary. Something about being out on the open water brings me peace but always scares me at the same time, but it’s good to feel all of that. 

As a host and creator of “Victoria in the Wild,” what message or takeaway do you hope viewers will gain from watching your adventures and the challenges you face in the great outdoors?

I’ve been perceived for so long as this glam model that not a lot of people know of my roots. It’s been fun to bring out that side of me again for people to see “Ah Victoria is this southern farm girl at heart still”. 

The world of outdoor exploration can be male-dominated. How do you navigate and overcome any gender-related challenges you may encounter during your adventures?

Sometimes we put too much emphasis on what’s male and what’s female. Nature is for everyone. A lot of my glam model friends don’t do the outdoors adventures, because they think they can’t. I just try to build that bridge that outdoors is for everyone and everyone should enjoy it. 

Can you share any behind-the-scenes stories or moments that didn’t make it into the final cuts of your YouTube series, but were memorable or had a significant impact on you?

While we are still filming more episodes, getting friends involved in my videos is something important to me and seeing their excitement when I ask them…”Hey do you want to go on a python hunt?” is pretty cool to see!

What advice do you have for individuals who want to embrace outdoor exploration but may feel intimidated or inexperienced? How can they start their own adventure journey?

Just do it…don’t think about it. For me, I overthink about everything and this series is 0 overthinking and 100% of just doing. 

In addition to showcasing your outdoor adventures, your YouTube series often touches on environmental awareness. How important is it for you to promote eco-consciousness and inspire others to care for the natural world?

I feel like we miss out on all the outdoors experiences with being so consumed in our phones and technology. We forget how cool this natural world is. God’s creations is amazing and we all need to enjoy it more. 

End of Interview