Dr. Ruth MacPete, best known as the Pet Vet, is a veterinarian, a blogger for Pet Health Network and serves as a spokesperson for the AVMA’s Partners for Healthy Pets has dedicated her life to keeping animals safe, healthy and happy. A huge threat to our furry friends in the warmer months is Lyme Disease and she offers some great tips on how this potentially devastating condition may be prevented.

Lyme disease is a bacterial illness that is transmitted to humans, dogs, and other animals by certain species of ticks. In dogs, symptoms typically include fever, lethargy, lameness and enlarged lymph nodes and this can be difficult to diagnose. But infected animals and humans typically occur between 2-5 months after infection.

Lyme Disease rates are increasing throughout the country, and not just in the country. The good news is that there are some good treatment options and Nexgard can help.

Dr. MacPete often guests on numerous radio and television shows including Weather Channel, the Emmy Award-winning hit show The Doctors, Fox & Friends and GMA-Live.

Dr. Ruth MacPete spoke with Michelle Tompkins for the Hollywood Digest about her career, what every pet owner needs to know about Lyme Disease, how to prevent it, what you can do to treat it if it is diagnosed and more.

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