How did you make a SPLASH in 2022?

From the beginning of the year to the end, I always had something for my fans. From collaborations from other artists to my new album Blue Scars. To a fan project for my unreleased Ep SLUT-GA. I never leave my fans bored.

How are you going boldly into the new year?

Already, I have been hinting and giving clues to my new Album, or what my fans would call it, RGA4. This  February, Paris (Richga’s Version) is planned to be released within months after the lead single to RGA4.

Are you planning extensively or are you allowing your musical tide to take you wherever it leads?

With my previous work I wanted to show everyone who I was and where I came from. In Blue Scars I wanted to share the music I grew up with and inspired me to do what I do. In 2023 I have been playing with new sounds of Metal and Trap POP. I am allowing my creativity to run freely and don’t want to feel limited with music this year!

As you get to know yourself better musically, what is your biggest lesson learned recently?

TIME, I always felt rushed to release stuff. I always felt I would lose fans or people would get uninterested with my work. I learned the more time and effort I put into my music, my fans give me more respect and love it more!

Musically speaking, tell us what has been the proudest moment for you so far? The effects my music gives off… a lot of people genuinely love my work. I love putting out work that affects my fans in a positive way.

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As you beat to your own drum, tell our audience what has helped you the most in finding your own beat for your career?

Not caring, as I said on the fan favourite single Shining Star. Knowing your worth and who you truly are will get you far in life. Your haters are your biggest fans. Let them hate.  

Thank you!

End of Interview