We want to get to know more about you Lizzie!! What was your first performance?

My first performance was at age 13! I had a solo in the chorus show and I was petrified.  There was a spotlight on me and I stared out into the darkness and sang my little heart out! I got a standing ovation- that was reinforcement to keep singing! If I remember correctly, the song was “Let’s Give’em something to talk about ” by Bonnie Rait.

Did anyone get you into music? 

Growing up, my Dad and I listened to music together. He was a big Motown lover. The Four tops, Temptations, Diana Ross and even Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, & Elvis Presley, Music was a huge part of my growing up – I would listen to records for hours as a child. For me- Madonna, Whitney Houston, Sting, The Cars and Michael Jackson!  I started playing piano at age 8 so this was definitely the place where I expressed my feelings. The piano was the place I always went to when I needed to communicate on another level. My dream came true last year when I was given my very own baby grand Steinway. I have the pleasure of playing with this beauty everyday!

Were there ever days where you wanted to make something else your career? 

I have had two main careers as I have built my musical career. I was in the Fashion industry in NYC for a decade while I was performing in smaller clubs and restaurants. I was employed with the brands Saks Fifth Ave, Celine and Herve Leger and I managed stores with all the products and people inside of them. It was a big job but taught me how to manage almost anything. I met so many great people and they are still my friends and support me as a musician and entertainer.  I walked away from the fashion world 4 years ago to focus all my energy on music! When I lived in Nashville and attended Belmont Univ. I had a piano studio and taught about 20+ students for a decade. It was wonderful to share music and develop young brains. I also graduated with early childhood music education degrees and taught babies and young children music with their parents.  Now that was interesting.  I love teaching but decided to devote my musical energy to my own musical self when I moved to NYC. 

What is a good amount of downtime for you to reboot?

When it comes to rebooting, I’m an introvert.  I require time for myself in order to reboot and share.  I dedicate time daily to refueling and devoting time to be the best version of myself.  

Favorite song you could never get sick of!

Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles

What song of YOURS could you never tire of listening to?

Gershwin’s “Our Love is Here to Stay”   I’ve recorded it twice.  On my latest New Sounds From the Jazz Age and my Easy TO Love album. Check out my short video on youtube to hear me talk about why I love it so much! https://youtu.be/u52nyIBOLBs

Best word to describe your music? 

Joyous & multi layered.

What is in the works right now? 

I am working on a new album! I’m in the process of deciding song selection and overall feel. It’s an exciting time and I love creating and visualizing new music to share with the world. 

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