Dr. Chris Donahue chats about himself, a new study on masculinity and offers help to others

Dr. Chris Donaghue, sexologist host of the Loveline radio show and Amber Rose Show with Dr. Chris knows his way around the bedroom. He is a frequent guest on The Doctors and is the author of Rebel Love.  He has a lot of good ideas and sexual tips that people may find helpful that encompass his sex-positive mission.

While he is very popular, he is not without controversy. Unlike his predecessors from Loveline, Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce, he is not a medical doctor. He is very mysterious about his educational background, though he says he has a Ph.D.  However as he is a licensed clinical social worker in California, he must have a masters degree from an accredited university and is often called upon to speak or write to all sorts of issues concerning sexual health and practices for many prestigious publications and universities.

A recent 2018 study  “Feel More” campaign from Tenga called upon men to discuss their sexual and emotional lives and move away from traditional male norms and instead focusing on sexual health and pleasure. See the study here.

The study shows that the majority of men want to be more open to better self-care and emotional openness concerning sex.

Some more of the Tenga study findings include:

  • Forty-seven percent of millennial men have felt pressured to “be a real man” “act manly” or “man up”
  • Men who participate in self-pleasure more often are more in touch with their own feelings and desires and those of their partners
  • Forty-seven percent of Americans think it would benefit society to talk more openly about sex and sexuality

Dr. Chris Donahue spoke with Michelle Tompkins for the Hollywood Digest about his life, career, what he likes best about Amber Rose, what his book, Rebel Love: Break The Rules, Destroy Toxic Habits and Have the Best Sex of Your Life is about, what millennials are doing differently than previous generations when it comes to sex, how there are new sexual aids and toys available for men now than before, how Tenga can help make things more interesting for people, specifically men sexually, how he champions sexual empowerment and more.

See this titillating interview here:


Dr. Chris Donahue and Tenga can be found here.