Bobby Berk shows us how to make your home a feast for the senses

Bobby Berk, star of the Netflix hit Queer Eye understands that it is the little things that make a house a home.  When it comes to decorating, people often focus on how things look, but forget about incorporating other elements that could delight and arouse the other senses.

Bobby Berk has always had design in his blood, though his journey wasn’t an easy one.  He was born in Houston, TX, but grew up in Mount Vernon, MO.  His childhood was rather rough and he even spent some time homeless.  When he was 17, he moved to Denver and got a job at Bombay Company that helped foster his already present love of design.

He moved to New York City and maintained employment at home improvement and design venues, before gaining a position as the creative director for Portico, a high-end home furnishing company.  When the business went under in 2006, he opened his first brick and mortar store, Bobby Berk Home.

Soon after, he launched Bobby Berk Interiors + Design.  His powerful work ethic, fabulous designs and charming personality landed him spots on HGTV, CBS, NBC and Bravo.

He joined the Fab 5 on Queer Eye in 2018.

Some of his tips for incorporating the five senses into a design include:

Touch:  Using multiple textures in accent items such as throw pillows and rugs.

Sight:  How color factors into design.  Also how lighting, shapes, architecture can make for a more visibly interesting space.

Sound:  How the sounds of water or even wind chimes can help promote a more relaxing environment.  The cool items from Delta Faucets can help with that.

Bobby Berk spoke with Michelle Tompkins for The Hollywood Digest about his love of design, what people can do to incorporate all of the senses into the design of their homes, what to look forward to on the next season of Queer Eye, what he likes to do for fun and more.

See this fun and helpful interview here:

Bobby Berk can be seen on Queer Eye on Netflix and found here.