Anitra Mecadon emphasizes how soundproofing can improve your space

Anitra Mecadon is an award-winning interior designer who has starred on the DIY hit Mega Dens who is known for her rock ‘n roll flair. She’s all about creating relaxing and fun spaces that people want to be in where noise can be kept at bay.

Anitra Macadon always had a love for performing, as well as an eye for design.  She put her passions together and became a go-to designer on the DIY network.

Some of her best tips involve creating a family-friendly space that has a bunch of different zones so there can be something for everyone, but she also emphasizes shopping in your own home before going out to buy a bunch of new stuff.

Reducing noise can also make space even more pleasant.  What may come as a surprise for many DIYers, is that one doesn’t need to demolish anything in order to make the room even more inviting.

The cool, competent and creative Anitra Macadon spoke with Michelle Tompkins for The Hollywood Digest about her early life, work, design point-of-view, gave design tips, explained the importance of using soundproofing products, how Purple can aid you in your DIY projects without the need for demolition and more.

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