Hello!  Thank you for sharing some time with us at Bsquared Magazine today!

When did you become a music lover and what does music bring to your life?

I grew up loving music. My family is very music-centered. We have always listened to music since I was young. I used to sing in the bathtub as a child so it has always been there. Music brings purpose to my life. It brings comfort and is like therapy when I start to write a song and all the emotions I can’t speak comes out as music.  

What can we expect to see at one of your LIVE shows!?

You can expect to see a lot of energy, great musicianship from the whole band, and an interactive experience where the audience can sing along and get involved.  

Who has been your greatest influence?

My greatest influences are Christina Aguilara, Etta James, Beyoncé, Pink, and Ariana Grande.  

Please tell us about your new music!! 

My new music hits at a much more personal level. It is about me taking back control of the direction I want to go in. It is an album that leads with a strong message of empowerment, loving yourself, and putting faith back into yourself when you are lost. Also, it has a mix of sensually fierce instrumentals contrasting with powerful vocals.  

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Hopefully being able to perform again in front of large audiences, and continuing to put out music that I genuinely feel and believe in.  

Where do our readers find you at SPOTIFY!?

You can find me on Spotify at Marissa Detlor. My EP “Self Made” as well as singles “Bad”, “My Soul My Rules”, “I Won’t Have It”, “Velvet”, and many more to come. Along with a remix of “Bad” by producer J-Marin entitled “Bad For Me”. 

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