Who remembers “Disco Duck” from Rick Dees and His Cast Of Idiots? Or “Convoy” from CW McCall. And of course, who can forget the classic “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” from Elmo Shropshire (yes, I had to Google his name). Novelty classics. Fun and memorable.

URL: https://www.308ghosttrain.com/

Looking to shake up your Spotify playlist or sprinkle something new into your holiday music – take the radical ride on 308 Ghost Train’s “Santa Bought A Yacht”. Far from being a tropical delight, this rockin’, rockabilly-fused song is much like fruit cake: after a few listens, it tastes good. Or maybe Anthony “Train” Caruso, the guy behind 308 Ghost Train is a bit over the top, but a very welcoming and pleasurable over the top, of course.

The song’s story features a beach-loving, water-seeking Santa. He’s Santa for 2019 and seeing how Caruso’s from Florida, you get the connection. With Rudolph in jail for a DUI, what else is Sant to do but put on his sunglasses and get a yacht. Let the party begin.

Lyrically, it’s fun to imagine jolly old Saint Nick living it up on the Atlantic Ocean, making his way down the coast. Heck, if I could escape the cold, I’d buy a yacht, too. Caruso makes brave steps to keep things just about PG in this track (the DUI is about as naughty on the list as he’s going to get).

Kidding aside, Caruso’s musical arrangement and vocals in this track are quite enjoyable. His guitar licks range from bluesy-bursts to rockabilly riffs. The percussion and bass line are just right. What he’s missing are some melodies – but don’t despair. The guitar work really does come across as the star in the song (besides Santa, of course). Southern rockers will like what they hear and get a kick out of the musical arrangement.

According to the official biography, the meaning behind 308 Ghost Train is “John 3:08 describes the Spirit as being like the wind – flowing where it wants and where it is needed. The Ghost refers to the Holy Spirit. Train is lead singer, Anthony Caruso’s nickname. Train feels that God is moving him on this musical journey – down this particular “track” –because He, in turn, wants Train to move his listeners with his music and the messages he brings to them. There is also a double meaning in the name. The visual of an actual train infers a moving vessel that is inclusive, in that it is large enough to have enough seats to accommodate anyone that wants to come aboard. 308 Ghost Train’s music and messages are inclusive, with melodies and rhythms that are energetically infectious and with lyrics that promote unity, positivity, inspiration, spirituality and patriotism.”

Positivity indeed – “Santa Bought A Yacht” will get you in the spirit to definitely start a conversation about the holidays, laughter and being a part of a community that can let loose! Life’s too short to spend it in the dull corners of the mind. 308 Ghost Train gets the energy flowing and the holidays will never be the same.

Garth Thomas