Celai West is the name ringing all over Los Angeles and New York! Recently featured on Vogue Italia and Good morning America, this 11 year old is surely kicking up dust. Boasting nearly 200k followers throughout social media, Celai is taking center stage with her electrifying energy, individual style, and undeniable beauty. 

Breaking Boundaries

Picking up speed and notoriety as a Runway Model, Producer, Actress, Philanthropist, Environmentalist, Fashion Mogul, and Entrepreneur, Celai West remain grounded andembracesher roots, culture, and confidence with an abundance of pride and power. 

Celai began print modeling when she was five, doing runway shows when she was six, started acting and became the CEO of her own t-shirt line, TheChattyChick.com, at seven, walked in NYFW for the first time at eight, had her first viral video at nine, earned her second viral runway video, and co-authored her first book at 10. Now that she’s 11, she will become the youngest show producer to produce a NYFW show this September with The Industry Fashion Show.

Pride & Power

Celai is the only runway model walking “at an adult level” at these major

shows… there are no limits to what this role model and icon will achieve

next.She is the epitome of the adageBig Hair, Dont Care!Her look, courage, vibe, and talent are immeasurable and a true inspiration to kids and adults alike.

Walk in my purposefearlessly

Celai explains this quote and mindset instilled from her mother, “Keep letting God work thru me and to trust Him and stay on my path, fearlessly.”

Closing Out NYFW Among Global SuperModelsfrom her coaching videos, candid cameos, and runway selections, it’s no wonder why Celai is easily garnering expansive exposure from kids to adults and top models alike. With 8 viral videos under her belt and production credits on the way, it’s hard to believe that this#girlpreneuris only 11!  

Whats Next

Look out for Celai on runways or her fashion and beauty line The Chatty Chick who has also teamed up with “Trees for the Future” to plant a tree with every tee purchased!

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