Utopia doesn’t seem that far off when Dawn Rix sings. Securing her spot on the national spotlight with her latest song “One Love Fits All”, the West Virginian powerhouse sings with the zest and comfort of yesteryear’s country legends only to bridge listeners to her beaming modern twang. Rix’s unstoppable endearment in this inspiring tune fastens the bind between Christian country and pop country. “One Live Fits All” is a super-sized winner.

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Singing with a big heart and voice laced with smoky, campfire hues, Rix’s natural talents blend well within this upbeat song. Asking rhetorical questions to the listener, and mulling in the what if’s “One Live Fits All” never mires the listener in pessimism. What if bullies didn’t prey on the small and weak, Rix sings. Her voice is bright, warm. She’s comforting like a blanket right out the dryer. Hovering just under her timbre is a caressing thread. She weaves a brightness and beacon of hope when she sings what if size didn’t matter, and looks didn’t mean everything. By the time of the chorus, she has the listener humming along to how many have to fall before we make this world where one love fits all. A poignant message, especially for parents of children navigating social media, Rix galvanizes even the glass half empty-ers in the listening room. It’s hard to not stop what you’re doing and be enamored by her natural cadence and warm tone. The lyrics take on deeper meaning with each listen, and what a beautiful world it would be if these words were true.

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The subtle percussion and rousing rhythm section keep time just fine. The music bed gets a bolster from the electric guitar arrangement. Sweet like honey, the guitar meanders its way around Rix’s superb vocals. I think I was expecting more piano (the keys are faint on this song) or even a moving violin. I think the guitar and the country pop sound is what gave the tune the more modern flare. The pace is quick, but not too quick. I think any other arrangement might have sounded vintage or that nostalgic country. Rix’s voice blends well with the electric guitar, and to be honest, the guitar could have squelched a little longer at the bridge, but overall, it was delightful. Rix’s love for this song, and her passion for music is instantly felt. The overall music bed is wrapped tightly to Rix’s commanding vocals.

“One Love Fits All” joins Rix’s growing discography. Her other tracks include “Don’t Let The Makeup Fool You” and the Top 100 Christian Country Chart song, “In America”. “One Love Fits All” is written by Sandy Ramos, Corey Lee Barker (who has worked with Lucas Hoge, Dave Adkins and more) and Melissa Leigh. Justine Blazer (2019 Josie Music Awards nominee for Music Producer of the Year and Female Artist of the Year) produced and mixed. One thing’s for sure – Rix appears to be on her way to carving out her own sound, and Nashville might be too small for her worldly appeal.

Garth Thomas