David Arn is no stranger to the scene, but if you don’t know him by now, you can hear Traveler Tale and see several videos so far, including the latest single ”Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale.” The Virginia area singer/songwriter keeps up with the best in today’s folk, country, and America style with a seasoned band to back him up and lots of singles and a few albums under his belt to go with it. However, before hearing these tales of wonder, David Arn was a mystery to me, so this review is not without mention of other accomplishments.

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Past works by the uniquely gifted artist include – Post Modern Days, Walking In Dreamland, both of which lead like chapter’s into one another with Traveler Tale playing out like another installment of Arn’s musical journey on a path that you can follow without losing sight of the direction in which it takes you. “Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” has a Tom Petty speed to it, with an even more classic layered depth to it, not unlike that of Petty’s supergroup Traveling Wilbury’s. If you could place that sound in today’s musical landscape, it would explain a lot concerning it.

This tune is about how love comes without cost, but not without learning at what usually is worth the lessons it comes with. Not only is it free, but it can come with more than love itself as a reward, and freedom is found at both ends. The lyrics of David Arn have some of the most distinctive points to be heard in the current times where everything is so heavy handed that it harkens back to better days like the summer of love produced. No worries from Arn when it comes to coping through the hard times it is all in his musical perspective.

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The stripped back acoustic approach to “Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” is something to be found throughout Traveler Tales and Arn’s music in general, but this track has a particularly strong 80s vibe. David Arn serves his own front man image, but the musicians are of well-noted status and worth mention. They are as good as they come in the with the likes of Tobias Wilson on guitars and bass, Joni Fuller on strings, Raz Ben Ari on guitar. With Ian Smith on saxophone, and Jordan McQueen on drums, also with Kerri Hardwick and Tyra Juliette.

If this earworm doesn’t satisfy, there is a lot more in the collection with fourteen tales in all, so “Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” comes toward the end of the record, but showcases somewhere in the middle of these great singles with videos so far. I also find it to be the best video of several from this album, and Arn is a video award winner with a string of amazing clips out. The video is an attractive piece featuring Nastya Memphis, with stunning countryside scenes and an overall throwback sensibility all but missing with most in 2020.

Garth Thomas

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