Ignition: Superior Communications Strategies for Creating Stronger Connections isn’t Matthew Moseley’s first book, but he writes with the same fresh spirit of inspiration fueling his initial efforts. Even a cursory reading of the book shows a writer fully immersed in his subject though his passion for the topic doesn’t obscure his message. His time working as a communications director for political bodies such as the Colorado State Senate, corporations such as Xcel, and other significant players speaks to his expert handling of issues surrounding messaging. He is well-versed in this area.

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It brings instant credibility to his observations and ideas. Matthew Moseley hasn’t written a lengthy book, there’s no long-winded exposition dragging it down, and presents a direct and comprehensible plan of action for improving communication in your life. He also digs deep into the foundations of why we communicate as we do and provides an assortment of examples proving the merits of effective communication.

He writes in such a way that readers will never feel challenged but, rather, asked to possibly reconsider how they have approached interacting with others. The prose is always conversational and never slips into high-flown rhetoric. Moseley’s experience as an author has helped back brevity a hallmark of his style and it’s a testament to his development that he’s able to integrate a fully formed personality into the work.

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Moseley consulted a wide number of sources to help buttress Ignition’s conclusions. The references section at book’s end features a complete list of those sources. He has done an excellent job of weaving those sources into the book’s text without ever allowing other’s work to overshadow his own. Outside contributions, instead, inform the text and his finesse highlighting those moments is notable.

It is an entertaining book thanks to the way he mixes personality into the text but likewise it is a serious and substantive work capable of standing the test of time. This is a rare quality. Individuals like Mosely and his ilk are intent on making a positive contribution to our collective betterment and books such as this are the evidence. There’s no self-congratulatory backslapping in these pages.

I advise reading it from cover to cover the first time. Digesting the full canvas of Moseley’s work is important before beginning to use the book in piecemeal fashion. The multiple uses of this book is another reason to recommend it. It is obvious after reading this book a single time that its author had a clear design for how he wanted to compose and construct it; the focus running through Ignition is unmistakable. His commitment to the subject is unmistakable as well.

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I can only hope I clearly conveyed the book’s value. I believe works such as this offer something deeply worthwhile to a society that speeds by one another entirely too fast nowadays. He’s done a superb job with Ignition: Superior Communications Strategies for Creating Stronger Connections and its influence will be felt for some time to come. Its sleek presentation, point of view, and wealth of information are quite a combination. 

Garth Thomas