“If my music can help someone in a positive way, Then let my voice be their music”

When your inbox shows a message from Country Music Matriarch Tammy Carolus that takes priority over everything else you had planned for the day.  “Sherry, Sam Lowe just took the stage at my resort’s amphitheatre, and he is on his way up!” 

Having an eye for spotting talent in an instant, many musical artists hope to catch Tammy’s interest with a positive first impression knowing it is her seal of approval that has become the gold standard and a vital component for any artist hoping to succeed in the industry.  Tammy Carolus, founder of TLC123 Entertainment is renowned for her sensitivity and intuitive instincts in determining far in advance what the industry and music fanbases across the county are looking for.  

Sam Lowe at first glance is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome with his 5’9 muscular build, penetrating chocolate brown eyes and magnetic smile.  He carries within him all the necessary magnetism and movie star qualities as Tim McGraw and Daniel de Tomasso.  And yet beyond that, as Tammy Carolus attests, “aside from his rugged good looks and musical abilities, I am humbled by his work ethic and kindness”.

From the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, Sam Lowe is as honest and genuine as they come, and with a work ethic engrained in him by his father. 

Sam Lowe:  I’ve swung a hammer since I could get off my dad’s shoulders and walk. I was born into carpentry.  My father is a very smart businessman who is always supported in the shadows by my wonderful mother. She’s an Angel.  I love building things and hope to teach my children how to make a living with their hands. I think it’s important to learn a trade so you can make a living anywhere in the world. But for now, anyways, I’m done with building custom homes unless I need to build one for my future lady wherever she is in this world.

 “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” ~ Bob Marley

This past year has been a whirlwind of tour dates and collaborations for you, how does that make you feel?

Sam Lowe:  Everything accelerated and was a huge turning point in my career after meeting Tammy Carolus and performing at her famous Lazy DayZ outdoor amphitheatre.  I successfully embarked on an aggressive touring schedule and have written an abundance of songs.  I even co-wrote a song with Tammy called “Whatcha Gonna Do” that will be out this Spring of 2023.

It would seem that Sam has hardly had time to bask in the glory of his growing successes and professional collaborations with fellow musicians Whey Jennings, Matt Kenon, Casper McWade and many others.  Yet in keeping with the work ethic engrained in him from his parents, Sam is a man who thrives in this fast-paced life because to see him on stage or, in that moment he straps on his guitar, you can see he was made for the stage and born to entertain.   The various songs he has written over the last year could be viewed as a lyrical diary as he networked, performed, and left an indelible imprint at the many venues and clubs across the United States. 

You have such an enviable, strong friendship and brotherhood developing with Whey Jennings, what can you tell us about knowing such a man, and what it means to you as a musician? 

Sam Lowe:  Whey Jennings…it’s hard to explain Whey, to others… he’s a big brother, and a mentor all at the same time. I respect and look up to him not only for his work ethic, and musicianship, but his loyalty and friendship are unmatched. He’s a great example of a father to others as well. Pretty proud of him.  I have a song coming out I wrote that was inspired after one of the first times I met Whey Jennings and learned about his story. It’s called “Outlaw Whey”.  He’ll be featured in the song and video. Pretty cool of him to do so too.  I even had a great co-write with Whey Jennings on a song called “10 Day Run” coming out soon. But what means most to me when I’m away from home for weeks and months at a time, he takes some of that road worry and homesickness away for me along with his entire crew. I’m a pretty lucky fella to have been embraced by him, specially at such a crucial time period in my life.

“If you play music with passion, and love and honesty, then it will nourish your soul, heal your wounds and make your life worth living. Music is its own reward” – Sting

Wearing his heart on his sleeve and a richness of soul, fans and fellow musicians continue to quickly fill up Sam’s tour dates across the country.  Race Car Legend Richard Petty’s Whiskey Girl and Hazzard County’s Daisy Girl, Jessica Read caught Sam’s live performance at the Legendary Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond Beach, Florida; Sam Lowe is such an awesome human being who brings much joy and happiness to the crowd with his amazing gift of music.  Everyone loves Sam Lowe, and his music!! Thankful we are to experience his awesome gift to the world! ~ Keep on Shining Brother!”

Sam has appeared on several Radio and Podcast interviews leaving the door open for repeat appearances due to his infectious charisma and charm.  One such show, Wendy Kok’s ‘A Juicy Pear Podcast” explains that Sam has a “very soulful sound, with a great ‘writing eye’”, one that that Sam simply attributes to the “words just come to me, and I generally write on the fly …. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is … if I have a song in my head and it’s sticking around, then I am up writing, no matter what”.  

Sam’s recent release ‘3:02AM’ is indicative of his free-flowing creative writing style saying he “wrote the song in my sleep, the song I call ‘3:02 AM’, I just wrote the time down, and the lyrics immediately on a paper plate with a blue sharpie I found. I recorded it the other week down on Nashville’s music row at OmniSound Studios. Great folks to work with there for sure”. 

The real test of a musician is live performance.  It’s one thing to spend a long time learning how to play well in the studio, but to do it in front of  people is what keeps me coming back to touring ~ Neil Peart

Sam easily delivers a wide variety of sounds, with most of his music being rooted in Southern Rock and Classic Country.  With his imbedded musical talents and sexy charisma exuding from the stage, Sam is a talent that can deliver beautifully gentle and rugged harmonies into any genre of music, whether as the perfect accompaniment to the vocal strength of Wynonna Judd or the delicacy of Dolly Parton.  If you were to ask Sam who he would love to hop on stage with today for a vibrant and boot shuffling duet, he say’s with that million-dollar smile – Miss Jana Kramer!

With 2022 coming to a close, and Sam having put a lot of miles on his tour bus, it was a defining year that Sam also made his mark at classic venues at the Legendary Iron Horse Saloon and the eagerly anticipated Annual Cooter’s Birthday Bash in Luray, Virginia.

Performing at the Famous Iron Horse Saloon – 

Sam Lowe:  I wasn’t on the bill at the Iron Horse Saloon, but when Sunday rolled around the last day, Whey was kind enough to invite me on stage and sing “Can’t you see” by the “Marshall Tucker Band”. Always a pleasure singing with him. 

Duke’s of Hazzard’s Cooter’s Annual Birthday Bash –  

Sam Lowe: “Getting invited by Cooter’s wife Alma to come play at Cooter’s Birthday Bash was quite the surprise, and wonderful opportunity. I was more than grateful.  I loved sharing the stage with Whey, Wes Shipp, Casper McWade, Addison Johnson, Matt Kennon, Kevin Mac, Justin Jeansonne, Cooter (Ben Jones), Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach), Luke Duke (Tom Wopat), Bigguns the Moonshiner. Meeting Catherine Bach aka Daisy Duke was a dream come true, as it would be for most people. One of the sweetest ladies I’ve met in a long time, even when she didn’t have to be. She chose to be”.

One thing you learn about Sam Lowe right away is his love, respect, and adoration for his many fans.  After you cut through all the glitter and glam of the stage lights Sam is a genuine hero with an amazing heart and soul, and perhaps that is why he is becoming one of the most powerful artists at any venue because he is so adored, and fans simply gravitate toward his endearing and sincere energy.  But like most artists, Sam has been touched by heartache and from the tears and sadness of loss he finds words and melodies that anyone can feel and relate to. 

 Sam Lowe: “I lost a good friend, my cousin, and mentor a few years ago, Jesse, he was older than me by 5 years.  He and I would co-write a lot together, and when he heard the beginning of this one song, he went nuts over it. I was having a hard time finishing it for some reason. Then, unfortunately he passed away and never got to hear it, but a year after he passed, I was picking out his headstone, and they needed his birth date, then there was that line, then his date of passing. Realizing that “line” between the dates was his life. Luckily, I finished the song that day almost. The feeling that gave me as I cried like a baby, just missing him, and finishing the song was almost the end of my grieving. I was 31 when he passed and today, I basically play in Jesse’s memory is what it boils down to. And the passing of Jesse made me realize I must give his life some greater meaning, so I want to help children that may have PTSD as well one day. If my music can help someone else in a positive way, I want to be a voice for them.”

 Genuine music, about real life, and kindness is what Sam Lowe wants to be remembered for, saying “I’d give the shirt off my back to anyone in need because I am a Blessed man who is overall happy with my career, and its traction we’ve gained since we landed on a couple Spotify country playlists.  I always look forward to the chance to meet many more people on the road in the coming years!”

 Sam’s upcoming Debut Album “Live That Line” will be released in the Spring of 2023 with a guest appearance by famed drummer for Jon Pardi, Kevin Murphy producing the title track, so watch for it’s release on your favorite album and music streaming services soon, and hopefully you will catch Sam and his fellow Highwaymen and Outlaws at a venue near you too!

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