This was not the first time Taunton has traveled worldwide, so he was no novice to the expedition. But for this adventure, he had a specific purpose in mind. Larry Alex Taunton traveled with his son to select cities throughout the world to measure these countries against America and to determine if the US is really the greatest nation of all. His journey was very recent, concluding just as Covid-19 struck the world, so his summations are timely and relevant for 2020.


His experiences are captivating, fun, and full of adventure. He doesn’t step into these sometimes dangerous cities blindly though. Larry Alex Taunton is an American author, columnist, and cultural commentator and a devoted history student. His work has been covered by the BBC, The New York Times, and many others and has, through the course of his life, done extensive historical and political research.

Taunton visited 26 countries (plus a few side trips) specifically for the purpose of comparing them and coming up with a conclusion on which country is the best to live in.

AROUND THE WORLD IN (MORE THAN) 80 DAYS is a travel guide, a historical text, a book on religious and political insights and a commentary on today’s state of the human condition. It’s an eye opener for those of us who have little to no world travel. His historical notes are detailed and informative.

His model of comparison between these countries? What are the trends in the country today as compared to its history? It is working toward greater freedom, increased regulation, or tyranny? Are people allowed to work and use their talents, or are they regulated by a tyrannical government? Or do social, economic, or governmental conditions actively conspire against it? How do the common people live? Can they improve their lives? And what does the society value?


His style of writing is extremely entertaining. He brings the reader with him on his journey and we experience conversations about General MacArthur with Korean locals, discuss immigration with a Swiss tour guide, listen to lectures that negate Mao’s atrocities, ride in rickshaws through the busy streets of Singapore, sometimes with Mr. Taunton pulling the vehicle, and travel at full speed over rocky terrain, through military barriers, and into hiding with Nigerian missionaries.

AROUND THE WORLD IN (MORE THAN) 80 DAYS will make you cry and will cause you to take a breath from laughing so hard. You will see the Swiss Alps and read the legend of William Tell. You will creep through inner cities and hole up from terrorists.

I have not read a more entertaining nonfiction book in all my life! That he gives us an accurate and little known history of each of these countries is an added gem.

Taunton approaches the world with a conservative, Christian view, the defense of which is grounded and valid. The case he makes in his analysis is substantial and will open eyes to the reality of what a great country Americans live in. I would recommend this book to every American. Perhaps even as required reading for students here and abroad.

5/5 Stars

DL Gardner