What do you make sure you always have with you in case an idea sparks for new music?

When an idea comes to me, my go to tool of recording that idea is the voice memos on my phone. I’ve learned to make sure I always have a portable phone charging battery with me. It’s a life saver!

You just released new music, what was it like making it from the ground up?

Building this song from the ground up was a fun-filled adventure full of lots of decisions and attention to detail. Taking the time to be able to visualize this song in a semi-finished state is something that proved really helpful to the process. It made me think about what needed to happen to have really worth-while recording sessions and to some extent even helped shape the method in which we recorded it.

Where is your happy place to create your art?

My happy place to create art has always been my bedroom. I write the majority of my material there probably because it’s when my mind is completely at ease.

How long did it take you to get in a groove of making music?

It took me a year or two before I got into a groove of writing songs I was completely happy with and felt ready to release to the public. That entire time I was also learning to produce music at home so I could create high-quality demos of songs when they were ready.

How do you channel your BEST motivation when you are on a roll?

When I feel I’m on a roll, I channel my best motivation by surrounding myself with music and art I’m inspired by to keep me focused and remind me why I’m creating new material in the first place.

Any music you are really attached to?

I’ve always been extremely attached to the music of Nirvana. Growing up, I spent countless hours behind a drum kit learning how to play those songs until they were perfect. For me, the music of Nirvana not only taught me how to play but it also inspired me to want to pursue music in my own life.

Anything you’re interested in making that is outside of what you typically create?

In the past I’ve been interested in acrylic//canvas painting, photography and videography. Every once in a while I’ll get back into them just to mess around and relax really. I’ve shot and produced some of the band’s music videos and contributed to the production of the music video for my latest single “Body of Water” released October 1st.  

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