Once again the message “Common Ground”, a song recorded via U.K. Solo Artist winner Sam Stevens and written by Mike Greenly, Gil Polk, and Sam Stevens, has reached the lime-light. During the acceptance speech from the director and co-writer of Green Book, Peter Farrelly, after winning “Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy”, at the Golden Globe Awards, he stated:

“And that’s what this movie is for. It’s for everybody. If Don Shirley and Tony Vallelonga can find common ground, we all can. All we have to do is talk and not to judge people by their differences, but look for what we have in common and we have a lot in common. We all want the same thing. We want love; we want happiness; we all want to be treated equally; and that’s not such a bad thing.”

Farrelly’s “Common Ground” reference to the film, (which is themed on the friendship formed between Italian/American driver turned actor, and the Afro American musician that he drove through the deep South during a concert tour), comes on the heels of Prime Minister, Theresa May’s Christmas speech calling for “Common Ground” from the people of the U.K., regarding the Brexit issue.

Although the theme of “Common Ground” has been visited many times, this particular track seems to be creating a global buzz and effect on the public and the environmental climate of the planet. Facing the times that we currently live in, the track brings hope and inspiration to those who listen, and it could easily be marked as the anthem for the world. Sung with depth and emotion Stevens has an ability to get the message across with question or hesitation. The track will also be released early this year as a dance mix via TRAX Records, featuring a remix by world renown DJ Tony Moran, vocals by Sam Stevens.

Listen to “Common Ground” by Sam Stevens on youtube here: