When the vibe and the value align, you have an unmatchable business opportunity as a start-up entrepreneur in today’s world. 

Becoming a great marketer is the result of powerful listening and is one of Jonas Muthoni’s ultimate secrets that catapulted him to exponential success. Raised in a diverse family environment by a single mother of 6, Jonas has a profound understanding of what it takes to overcome obstacles. His path to greatness was forged through a passion for building strong relationships and mastering creative excellence. 

As the Founder and CEO of Deviate Agency his focus is in leadership and providing best-in-class results – the ultimate combination to impact and inspire young start-ups to follow in his footsteps. “In order to create these results, your values are the number one key. Know what they are and create a team culture that is rooted in them”, he shares.

With his unique hiring framework, Jonas has been able to excel in exceeding the expectations of his customers, who continue to rave about his work. His secret: 

“I want to create a culture where my people don’t see me as their boss but more as their team member. By doing this, I have one of the most diverse teams in the world. What I wanted was to hire people who are much smarter than myself. I want to hire people who are going to teach me something, not the other way around.”

In this episode of The Rhonda Swan Show, Jonas goes on to expand on the power of strategic business partnerships, lessons learnt around having contracts and the influence he has created through building Deviate to being a 100% referral-based agency. 

The ability to create what he has, is grounded in these 4 key elements: 

1. Fear is always going to exist – learn how to embrace it.

2. You must have perseverance because this journey is not going to be easy. “Human potential is limitless. It is simply about what price you are willing to give to get that potential, and what are the things that you are willing to give up that are more personal gratification.”

3. Every entrepreneur cannot do it alone. “Embrace the power of: 

a) hiring the right team; 

b) ensure you reward your team for their efforts;

c) be willing to receive the results and not sabotage what it is that you want the most!”

4. You have got to love what you do. If you love it, you will never not love a day of work in your life.”

5. Learn the art and skills required to be a phenomenal leader: Slow down, hire a mentor, let the ego go, listen to the lessons but most importantly, learn from them!

6. Use your unique energy and allow your vibe to be felt: Your energy will separate you from the crowd – own that vibe and let it attract your tribe.

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