“Ringo has that special ability to be insightful, analytical, and fun, all at the same time.” -Rene Carayal, Reviewer.

Solving the Productivity Puzzle springboards into the process of teaching how people engagement, innovation, and performance will transform the world of work. Ringo’s insights offer great opportunity to engage the productive workforce. His words appeal to leaders in the industry who seek to improve their ability to engage for greater results.

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Ringo hammers down on a practical guide for people-management professionals to address the challenge. His work covers learning and development activities to ensure employees feel like they have what is required to achieve their goals. Ringo offers motivation for the workforce. His work engages workforce and planning strategies to be certain the right people have access to what they need to improve company cultures.

With the expert guidance of Ringo, Solving the Productivity Puzzle offers instructions for implementing growth in the workplace. The concepts set forth in Solving the Productivity Puzzle reveal a demographic of macro trends where technology and communication combine to transform the world of work. These concepts bring professionals to the forefront of business increasing motivation and productivity in the workplace. 

I was surprised to find actual studies revealing that working harder can make people sick. The reality is we’re not intended to work unlimited hours for limited income. We need time away from the job, according to Ringo, who features integrated lifecycle options and a productive paradox for driving people through peak performance.

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Ringo discussed the five trends currently acting as a charge for the future to reduce time in the workplace, while increasing productive outcome through the use of technology. His explanations help with gender balancing and more women in the workplace, offering ideals of co-leadership.

Acknowledging the importance of balance, digital and mechanized results, and the historic human resource system to move forward appeals to my sense of direction.

Solving the Productivity Puzzle represents an optimistic change in the outcomes of working and quantitative benefits for both employees, employers, and stakeholders who may be supporting the business. Ringo indicates that the cost of doing nothing will result in actionable revolutions within the workplace where people cease to provide the required productivity. He believes there’s a time and place for hard work, and also a time to seize the moment.

There were a large number of figures and diagrams in the book to explain anything that I had trouble wrapping my mind around in concept. And I relied heavily on the resources at the end of every chapter. Often seeking 2 or 3 different resources for greater understanding.

This book was written for use in a corporate setting, and my basis includes usually many fewer employees. I appreciated the leadership training and concepts within the book. I did find it to be motivating and encouraging with plenty of opportunity to learn and glean greater information. I recommend this book, Solving the Productivity Puzzle, to anyone who wants to grow a greater level of influence in the business world.

by Kendal Townsend, posted by Garth Thomas