Ava Della Pietra’s new single “rearview mirror” continues the New York City-based vocalist’s irrepressible ascent into pop music stardom. High energy has characterized Della Pietra’s work throughout her career, and “rearview mirror” is no different. If anything, the new single pulses with newfound verve and attitude missing from even her fine past releases. The accompanying video for the single shows her acting talents without ever taking the spotlight off her musical gifts.

She is already a seasoned performer at the age of 19. The singer/songwriter, actress, and multi-instrumentalist started performing at four years old and appeared on national tours of theatrical productions by the time she turned seven. Playing roles in productions such as White ChristmasLes Miserables, and School of Rock’s original Broadway cast honed her skills at an early age and set her up for the success she currently enjoys. She’s likewise logged high-profile appearances on Sesame Street, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Good Morning America, and the Tony Awards.

The single opens with Della Pietra’s voice delivering the first lines with a fat bass pulse as her sole accompaniment. There’s something cawing and defiant about her voice from the outset. She has an assertive tone born from conviction and musical experience. This tone doesn’t desert her when the track begins in earnest. It pursues a stripped-down arrangement anchored by the aforementioned bass and percussion. The latter has a comparatively light touch to the bass but provides an ideal pairing with the bass.

Della Pietra varies her vocal melody throughout the song. Much of it is straightforward, but she transitions into winding passages. Della Pietra handles those transitions with deft skill. Her experience as an actress informs the vocal, as well. It isn’t difficult to imagine that no two performances of this song will be exactly alike, and she infuses the phrasing with irresistible charisma.

“rearview mirror” covers subject matter we don’t often hear in pop songs. It isn’t territory that no one has even broached before, but different. The fresh perspective of the songwriting raises the single. The track embraces fundamentals despite the glossy presentation. It is thoroughly modern in that latter respect, but the bedrock of “rearview mirror” hinges on those fundamentals. It has a note-perfect design.

The shifting from the verses into the chorus is seamless. You can feel and hear the song gain an additional boost of energy during the previously mentioned winding passages. The careful modulation of the song’s energy level is one of its supreme achievements. The track’s music video provides excellent complementary material for the release. Della Pietra embodies the song’s attitude with a physicality that’s compelling to watch, and her supporting cast executes their roles with convincing skill.

Ava Della Pietra’s new single rates among her finest works yet. “rearview mirror” moves her ever closer to the upper echelon of modern pop talents without sacrificing any distinctive touches that separate her from the pack. She hasn’t reached her peak yet, but she’s working at a higher level at the tender age of 19 than many others ever reach during much longer careers. The best part? She’s far from finished.  

Garth Thomas