Having just finished their show at MotoCultor 2019, Shadyon launches their new video and single: ‘Tears in Lies’.

Formed in 2002 by Maël and Emmanuel, Shadyon is a French Progressive Heavy Metal band. 

Shadyon combines progressive parts, powerful riffs and AOR melodies, and manages to create their own progressive melodic metal style. Their musical inspiration is quite broad and is particularly close to groups such as Toto, Devin Townsend, Dream Theater, ArK, In Flames, Winger and Evergrey. The topics covered revolve around paranormal activities, and explore the interaction between the unconscious and the perceived world.

Led by Emmanuel’s emotional voice, Shadyon presents with Tears in Lies the maturity of the group and their potential to go to the top.

“This song represents the new facet of SHADYON this thanks to the contribution of a new composer, Walter FRANÇAIS and the external musical experiences of the 2 main songwriters with Devoid and Equinox” says the lead singer Emmanuel CRÉIS “I think it’s the beginning of a more up-to-date, more modern direction without denying this historic willingness to focus on efficiency and free demonstration. “

Shadyon is once again ready to return to the scene more motivated and determined than ever Group

Members :

Emmanuel CREIS: Lead vocals, Guitar

Shad Mae: Guitar Lead

Deyvid: Guitar Bass

Walter FRANCAIS: Drums

Special Guest Jorris GUILBAUD:Keyboards 

Video”Tears in Lies”:

Website: https://shadyon.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shadyonheavyprog

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shadyonmusic

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/ artist / 018lurAZc548ROMGB0SyRn? LIyPp0toRNOmOWU70VH5aw if = # _ =

For more information, please contact:

Emmanuel Creis – Email: [email protected]/ Tel: + 32-465-41-65-05 

Canadian Press: Johanne Britton – Email: [email protected]/ Tel: +1 (647) 223-4318