It’s a great thing when you hear a band that brings their live show energy into the studio. It’s an even greater thing when you hear an indie band that sounds like nothing you’ve heard in a long time. The band, Signal 13, a rowdy group that hails from Baltimore, Maryland, stick their sound way in the air, and maybe a fist or two, too, in their new rock cut “All Fired Up”. A fierce singer, a blazing guitar riff and a brushfire of a rhythm section, “All Fired Up” expels any more rumors that rock is dead. Signal 13 lights up the room, and will light up the arenas with this one.

Leading the path and giving it all she has, lead singer Vicky Starr is mesmerizing. Her voice is cheeky, a bit naughty. She bleeds when she sings – these words are a part of her soul. If you’re a fan of Joan Jett and Halestorm you will dig what you’re hearing from Vicky Starr and Signal 13. They have this roar that starts up and doesn’t let up – even with the opening acoustic guitar they still rock. What they also have is a high octane entertainment factor. I’m all fired up, revving for you, I’m all fired up, looking at you, Vicky Starr sings.

Traveling through the song like a woman on a mission, a queen surveying her subjects, she’s in full control over the bruising percussion. It’s a dance between the drums and the bass guitar, and it’s hard to tell whose dancing lead. The drums sizzle – the cymbals are hit just right that it sounds almost rockabilly versus the crushing arena rock we’ve grown accustomed to. The guitars, sweltering like it’s blues night in a smoky, dive bar on Chicago’s East Side have a playful game happening in their tight corner. The electric guitar, taking that Midwestern blues base and riding it all the way home to the Charm City from which it came. Woo-eee, that guitar is fire.

I think the song is about making decisions and not wavering on what path you’ve made in your life. It’s okay to weigh the good and the bad, but at the end of the day, the only person that can make that call is you. I’m all fired up for this band and can’t wait to see them live, on-stage. This is the type of song that us missing concerts all these months have been imagining seeing live.

Making up Signal 13 is Vicky Starr (vocals), Johnathan Lassier (guitar), Chris Starr (guitarist), Patrick Jenkins (bass guitar) and Johnny Sexx (drums). The road warriors have played up and down the East Coast and have dove into other markets, too. They’ve shared the stage with Great White, Tesla, KIX and more. “All Fired Up” is from Signal 13’s debut album Destination Unknown. Other singles that have been released are “Dirty” and “Stay With Me”. Earlier this month,  they achieved a worldwide No. 1 on the Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Chart.

Garth Thomas

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