Xoë Miles is an award-winning alt pop singer-songwriter/vocalist. She is a recording artist with music out on all platforms, including AMI Jukeboxes and NSM Music Jukeboxes located worldwide. Xoë is a self-taught musician, performing at venues, festivals, and fundraisers, not only in and around her hometown of Montgomery, Texas, but across the U.S. While Xoë’s produced music is alt pop in sound, she sets up acoustic for her live shows, accompanying herself with guitar, ukulele, and keyboard. Xoë is an advocate for many non-profits.

Xoë Miles has recently added Producer and Engineer to her Resume, releasing three self-produced singles, followed by her first self-produced album “Manipulated.” Singles off this album are receiving recognition through music competitions, magazine features, and podcast features. Wrapping up 2021 found “Manipulated” ranked in the Top 10 of Houston’s Best Albums of 2021 (#7) by Houston Chronicle’s music critic, Joey Guerra; and VW Radio’s Top 21 Albums of 2021!

With Festivals kicking off in 2021, Xoë traveled to perform for NOLA’s Cutting Edge Music Conference, Carolina Indie Fest, Muscle Shoals Songwriters Festival, Tune Out Cancer Music Fest.

2022 will find Xoë Miles performing live for the LAUNCH Music Conference & Festival; The NAMM Show; SXSW (3 unofficial showcases); NOLA’s Cutting Edge Music Conference; the 2022 ISSA Awards Show at the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia (After Party); Muscle Shoals Songwriters Fest; and NFR Las Vegas 2022 (side stages).


*NFR Las Vegas 2022 (side stages)

*Houston’s Song Fest ’22 – “Fan Favorite” and “2nd Place”

*NAMM Winter Show Performance 2022;

*12 best Houston albums of 2021 – Music critic, Joey Guerra, ranks “Manipulated” in top 10;

What are you ready for next when it comes to your career? 

I’d love to figure out how to get my music in front of more people and, hopefully, get more fans who can connect with my music and be excited to hear more. Also, it’d be really great to have a team of some sort.

How are you working out your next sets for when you perform?

I always play acoustic, usually bringing along both my guitar and my ukulele. Depending on the venue (and, sometimes, my mood), before a show, I’ll go back through my past setlist(s) and arrange my setlist for that particular show. Also, I take requests, so that I can change a set list some. Of course, reading the energy/vibe of the crowd is important too.

What do you guarantee will happen every time you perform for your fans?

It’s honestly always something different! I never really stick to a sure set list (unless I obviously have to), so I guess you could say I guarantee there are always surprises.

Are you excited for a specific performance?

I love the round showcases I get to play in Nashville. Last time I was there, I played an open mic at the Commodore Grille. I only got to play one song, but the woman booking walked up to me after and invited me back to play a full set. That’s going to be December 18 of this year. Before that though, I was asked to perform some shows during the NFR week in Las Vegas. I’m super excited about that! Elle King is one of my favorite artists. I actually cover some of her music. She’s playing during the NFR, so I’m hoping to catch her show if I can. Miranda Lambert is going to be there too, and so are many other big names artists. It’s a really big week of music! I’ll be performing at the Rio on 12/5 and 12/6, and I’ll be performing at Mandalay Bay on 12/6. Also, in March, 2023, I’m excited to be performing with a female led non-profit organization to help with a fundraiser (details coming soon).

What is something really special happening in your life that you’re so passionate about?

I’m finally able to produce my own music. This allows me a lot of freedom. I’m able to put down thoughts and sounds right when my creative moment(s) hits.

Making those connections with your fans and sharing your life with them has been so much of the norm these days for artists. In what way do you like to connect most?

I honestly very much dislike always having to post on social media (the forever changing algorithms ), BUT I love being able to talk to people in person and make those personal connections rather than just having it be through a screen.

How can we keep up with your socials?

INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/xoemiles 

TIKTOK: https://tiktok.com/@xoemiles 

FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/xoemilesmusic 

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwNtW59PAGnS6hniYdW6c-A/videos

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/xoemiles

ONE SHEET: https://www.xoemiles.com/onesheet

WEBSITE: https://xoemiles.com

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/xoemiles 

Leave us all your important dates for performances:

So, I have the ones I mentioned above that I’m really excited about. I’ve traveled a lot this year, sharing my music. The shows during the NFR week and then the shows in Nashville will wrap up my year of traveling. My local shows are just as important (if not more so, right ), so I’d like to mention some I play often: Paradigm Brewing Co., Tomball, TX; Mahoney’s Texish Bar & Restaurant, The Woodlands, TX; Crust Pizza Co. – Gosling Pines, Tomball, TX; West Sandy Creek Winery, Richards, TX. 

(Jack Potts of Bohemian Photography)

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